Imprisoned ArmA III Developers Denied Bail

Imprisoned ArmA III Developers Denied Bail - News

by Jake Weston, posted on 17 November 2012 / 2,164 Views

It's been 70 days since Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar, developers behind ArmA III, were arrested by Greek authorities for alleged spying and espionage. Today, it was revealed that the imprisoned developers have been denied bail, and must now stand trial in front of a Greek court. If sentenced, they face up to 20 years in prison. 

Buchta and Pezlar, who are employed by Czech developers Bohemia Interactive, were arrested for taking photographs of Greek military bases, which they claimed was for the purpose of research for development of ArmA III. Under Greek law, this is strictly prohibited for the sake of the nation's national security. 

There is an ongoing fan campaign that is calling for the pair's release, and the families of pair have accused the Czech government for not doing enough for their release. However, the Czech foreign ministry states otherwise, saying “We cannot agree with the statement [that we're not doing enough] . . . we are very intensely working on this matter from all possible angles.”

[Source: Rozhlas via Eurogamer]

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