China Considering Lift of Console Ban

China Considering Lift of Console Ban - News

by Brent Galietti, posted on 28 January 2013 / 2,514 Views

The sale of video game consoles has been banned in China since 2000, for fear of potential harm to the physical and mental development of young people. But that could change soon, as China Daily reports that Chinese authorities are reviewing the console ban and may repeal it.

"We are reviewing the policy and have conducted some surveys and held discussions with other ministries on the possibility of opening up the game console market," an anonymous source from the Ministry of Culture said.

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have attempted to make in-roads in recent years, with little success. Sony currently has a research and development branch in the Guangdong province. Microsoft's Kinect has become a tool for non-gaming purposes like medical treatment and education. Nintendo has had a joint venture with Wei Yen since 2002, called iQue, which has released a select few games into the country (mostly Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS titles).

While a lift of the console ban would certainly make it easier for video games in China, it still needs approval of all seven Ministries to become official. So there are no guarantees just yet.

Source: [China Daily via GamesIndustry International]

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