DotA 2 Breaks Steam Record

DotA 2 Breaks Steam Record - News

by Craig Snow, posted on 03 March 2013 / 2,400 Views

Interesting find over on Reddit today. Apparently DotA 2 has broken the record for most concurrent users on Steam. The previous record was 287,411 (held by Skyrim). At the time of writing DotA 2 has managed break that record by notching up 297,010 players.

Hat-tip to Reddit user scherzocrk for spotting this fact. He even posted a handy graph that illustrates the stats, which I'll paste below for convenience's sake:

As a pretty big fan of Valve's MOBA I must say I'm pleased to hear this news; it's a phenomenally good game and I thoroughly recommend it. A word of warning to those considering taking the plunge, however: the learning curve is extremely steep.

In the words of Cancer Phantom Lancer: "We outnumbered you, we outnumber them all".

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