PS4 & PS Vita 'Ultimate Bundle' Set for the Holidays

PS4 & PS Vita 'Ultimate Bundle' Set for the Holidays - News

by Craig Snow, posted on 22 November 2013 / 3,134 Views

Sony are set to release a PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita 'Ultimate Bundle' this holiday season, according to a news story posted by MCV today. 

Sony views the ability to play PS4 games using your Vita as "a big selling-point for the handheld", although the sceptic in me says it's more about attempting to let the Vita ride on the successful coattails of the PS4 than any inherent belief in the Vita at this stage.

The article also states that the company is set to spend £2.5 million on an advertising campaign for the Vita, entitled 'The Best Way to Play', which will highlight the Vita's PS4 features and will heavily promote the critically acclaimed Vita exclusive Tearaway.

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