Next Gen Hitman Game is Coming, Says IO Interactive

Next Gen Hitman Game is Coming, Says IO Interactive - News

by VGChartz Staff, posted on 16 January 2014 / 1,308 Views

IO Interactive has released an open letter to Hitman fans, revealing that the company is officially "building the next AAA Hitman game for PC and next-gen consoles."

The letter starts off talking about the game's story, revealing that players will be taking control of "a globetrotting Agent 47 at the prime of his career", described as "the apex predator stalking his prey across the world, with the support of his long-term handler Diana Burnwood and the whole of the ICA."

"The game concentrates on the core Hitman fantasy of using a wide range of tools to take out a diverse group of targets across expansive, exotic locations around the world. We are building this game on the backbone of the Glacier 2 engine, using the best parts and what we have learnt through Hitman: Absolution and drawing inspiration from past titles like Contracts and Blood Money to fulfil the core Hitman fantasy. That means we’re packing in an extreme level of detail on the largest levels we have ever built for a Hitman game. We’ve adopted an open, non-linear level design approach to the game, ensuring the game will play out across huge, checkpoint-free, sandbox levels."

Also, on the gameplay front, Contracts Mode has been reintroduced to the series, allowing players to create, build and share their own hand-made challenges with other players to assassinate specific targets. Finally, IO Interactive comments that, "You will also be glad to hear that we have removed 47’s magic pockets. We believe that’s all we need to say about that subject."

IO ends the letter by writing, "There are so many things we have planned and we are extremely excited for the future of Hitman."

They're not the only ones who are excited. This sounds like it's going to be great and I can't wait to hear more. 

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