Molyneux: Godus is

Molyneux: Godus is "Invest-to-Play", not Free-to-Play - News

by Brent Galietti, posted on 17 February 2014 / 1,508 Views

Upcoming god game Godus has been enveloped in a cloud of mystery, no doubt because it's a project from the enigmatic Peter Molyneux and his 22cans development studio. What we do know is that Godus is taking a free-to-play approach in terms of its pricing model. But it's not really free-to-play, Molyneux said during an interview with Pocket Gamer.

Much like investing in actual houses is free-to-play until after you sign the contract!

"There cannot be a term that is less true," Molyneux said defiantly. "What we need is a new term. And that term is more like 'invest-to- play'. What really are we doing? We are tempting people to invest some of their money into a game."

Godus's monetization strategy will be one "that hasn't existed before"; it will be as "fresh and as new and as different from anything you've ever seen in any game", Molyneux boasted. Players won't be able to pay money until the game deems that players are ready to do so. "You've got to be subtle about it and slowly layer in those mechanics," Molyneux explains. "The point we introduce monetization depends on the player, and the game maker has to get you into the right mindset."

Godus is currently in Steam's Early Access program and the reviews are not glowing, to say the least. Molyneux countered that "no one has the first idea what Godus actually is."

"We can connect up to - this is an insane number... you won't even believe this - 66 million people together all playing simultaneously. And they can all run up to a trillion of the little followers in their world."

A full announcement of Godus is expected in the coming weeks.

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