Nintendo Quashes New Hardware Rumor

Nintendo Quashes New Hardware Rumor - News

by Brent Galietti, posted on 02 May 2014 / 4,101 Views

Over the past few days, rumors have swirled regarding Nintendo unveiling new hardware at E3 next month, spearheaded by IGN Senior Vice President of Content & Publisher Peer Schneider's remarks during a Nintendo Voice Chat podcast.

New hardware? But we're already on Wii U!

“They’re absolutely going to show new hardware this year," Schneider said. "No doubt in my mind that something… ‘Cause I’ve heard from multiple people now. I’ve heard from someone who used to be at Nintendo; I’ve heard it from somebody on the third-party front.”

Nintendo has responded to multiple media outlets by denying the rumor. "I can confirm Nintendo is not revealing any hardware at this year's E3," read a statement to VideoGamer, thus derailing the speculation train.

Though Nintendo will have no hardware at E3, the company remains mum about the Quality of Life program they announced back in January.

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