The Sims 4 Comes with Novel Anti-Piracy Method

The Sims 4 Comes with Novel Anti-Piracy Method - News

by Daniel Carreras, posted on 05 September 2014 / 4,485 Views

Users who pirate EA's The Sims 4 will find that they won't be able to make out much of what's happening in the game, thanks to a pixelation "glitch" that only happens in pirated copies.

Sims4 glitch  1

As reported by Player Attack, players have been posting on EA's forums claiming that the game contains a glitch which occurs when a sim censors a part of their body whilst going to the toilet or having a shower. This then causes the whole screen to become pixelated and censored as well. Little did these users know, they've actually just fessed up to pirating the game.

Similar anti-piracy/shaming methods have been developed prior to this, for example in Game Dev Tycoon or Skullgirls.

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