Sony: PlayStation 4 Momentum Good for Industry, Long Way to Go - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 14 August 2014 / 6,029 Views

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president Jim Ryan spoke with Games Industry about the success of the PlayStation 4 has had thus far and says there is still a long way to go in the console console race.

The PlayStation 4 is the first of the eighth generation consoles to reach the 10 million mark. This is well ahead of both the Xbox One and Wii U, which have sold 5 million units and 6.8 million units respectively.

"It's so much faster than we've ever done it before," said Ryan when asked about the PlayStation 4 selling 10 million units. "We're pretty pleased with it."

"Having momentum and having that initial success - and it is just initial, there's a long way to go yet - it puts us in good heart for the future. Some of the stuff we touched on yesterday, talking about the future, whether that's PlayStation Now, whether that's Morpheus, PlayStation TV in the nearer term - all of these things require investment."

"It's much easier to make decisions like that from a position of relative success, relative strength, rather than a world where PlayStation 4 was struggling, where our momentum wasn't great. The money man would be thinking, 'hmmm, do we really want to put more into this?' Those conversations, which are very important for us and very important for the shape of the whole industry, they become easier. That can only be a good thing."


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bubblegamer (on 14 August 2014)

True. It also reconfirms that the market is not shrinking, at least not for Sony like some naysayers like to keep repeating.

fighter (on 14 August 2014)

the market is shrinking

and it affects multiplat developpers first

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petroleo (on 14 August 2014)

I think nobody sees this but Sony is putting back in order the game industry with the success of the PS4 making games for everyone in all genres, last gen xbox 360 hurt the industry by making popular FPS online brainless shooters and developers followed that wrong path, Wii hurt the industry by selling lots of consoles making other developers believe in gimmicks and thinking that was the only way to go. PS4 will do the same as the PS1 and PS2, PS3 was an awesome console but hard to code in, PS4 engineers learn a lot from the PS3, but don't get me wrong the PS3 as the PS1 and PS2 were made for gamers non gamers just another awesome console meant for everyone unlike the competitors. PS4 will help to create new franchises and make them multimillion hits like for example Resident Evil on the PS1, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, Devil May Cry, this is just to name a few, all this examples were unknown to the public but thanks to the support of Sony all of them are now multimillion dollar franchises, movies, series, toys, yearly conferences. MS haven't learn a damn thing, is still greedy and untalented for the game industry, instead of creating new experiences look what they did with Tomb Raider, is very shameful, another example is the release AGAIN of more Halos!, instead of releasing something new for its fans they go and releases remakes!? dammn. For Nintendo is pretty simple its problem, they are close minded, is all about Mario, Zelda and maybe Metroid. Nintendo's name is pretty famous, but they are depending alot of only the name. They think they can put in whatever place its name and it will sell, just look what is happening to the Wii U. In the end technology will give then a huge bitch slap.

Namhcir (on 17 August 2014)

Nintendo's issue is not their IP's, their problem is that they always use ass backwards hardware and really stupid controller gimmicks instead of sticking with something good. They should of expanded on the SNES controller the way Sony did (the dual-shock is essentially the snes controller with joysticks and extra top buttons). Nintendo made crappy controller after crappy controller on terrible mediums (cartridges/the nintendo propriety disks). These mediums had less capacity than anything of the time (n64 cartridge vs. CD-ROM, or the gamecube disk vs. DVD). If they put out decent hardware (sony/microsoft are using like 2 year old hardware for price point) instead of this 5+ year old hardware they seem to love using and overcharging for they would have multiplat games come to their system. Their hardware is literally so old that if a dev develops a game for the next gen consoles in mind they have to do a ton of work to get it to work on the WiiU (same issue plagued the Wii). Most devs say fuck it, its not cost worthy.

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Namhcir (on 17 August 2014)

For example if FF7 came out on the N64 it would of required like 30 cartridges or something ridiculous.

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metalman_5150 (on 14 August 2014)

Considering that I am not the only gamer, baffled by the X1's illustrious showcase of kinect, drm and possible spy-gate phobia - I am not as surprised by these numbers, as many others are. I think that I am not alone, when I jumped ship from XLive to PS+ (from x360 to PS4). Many people, like myself, found the decision to jump MS's boat and board, Sony, an easy decision to make (MS practically made the choice, for me). Out of my top ten gaming friends, here are some interesting numbers: Friends that own both gen-8 systems: 2 of 10 Friends that stayed course with Sony: 3 of 10 Friends that stayed course with MS: 3 of 10 Friends that jumped from MS to PS: 2 of 10 (includes myself). Friends that jumped from PS to MS: 0.