Xbox One Now Available for Preorder in China, First Console to Release in Country - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 28 July 2014 / 4,545 Views

Microsoft has began taking preorders for the Xbox One in China, according to Bloomberg. The Xbox One will be the first console to be released in China, since the Chinese government ended the 13 year ban on consoles.

Online retailer JD and Tencent Holdings are the only places you can preorder the console in China, until July 30. The Xbox One is set to be released in September.

"The potential market for Xbox in China is huge, there’s a lot of prospects for growth," said Bill Fan, a Hong Kong-based analyst at China Securities Co. "Tencent could cooperate with Microsoft on games in the future, and Xbox can utilize Tencent and’s distribution channels to generate more sales."

The Xbox One preorders on requires a deposit of 499 Juan (US$81). It is currently not known the number of consoles available or the price of the console in China.

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Sixteenvolt420 (on 28 July 2014)

Good luck selling them there.

HylianSwordsman (on 28 July 2014)

Definitely interested in how this turns out. It might be nothing, but if it actually works, it could be a huge variable in the console race.

Michael-5 (on 28 July 2014)

Nintendo sold the Gamecube and GBA as iQue's in Japan. I think they sold 1-1.5 million units each in total, but then China has changed drastically in the last 10 years.

  • 0
Kallumsmarties (on 28 July 2014)

Don't see it getting anywhere if I'm honest just it it won't in Japan.

errorpwns (on 28 July 2014)

It's quite a bit different than Japan though. Nintendo and Sony were established in Japan before Microsoft. China is unmarked territory by the big 3. Aside from Nintendo and the ique line of products.

  • +2
Michael-5 (on 28 July 2014)

Plus if you look at the auto-industry, China could favor XB over Sony/Nintendo. Japanese cars sell poorly in China, meanwhile GM sells more cars in China then USA.

  • +1
Devil_Survivor (on 29 July 2014)

@Michael5- How is the auto industry a good indicator of the how a video game console will do there?

  • +1
WebmasterX (on 29 July 2014)

Good luck!! Xbox One deserve sell more. And China is not Japan.

bouboumorveu (on 29 July 2014)

China and Japan, double flop for M$, be realistic.