Sony: PS4 to Outsell PS3 Lifetime Sales - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 06 December 2013 / 11,003 Views

The PlayStation 3 launched in November 2006 and has gone on to sell just over 80 million units to date. The PlayStation 4 launched last month and Sony Computer Entertainment president Andrew House has told MCVUK already said the PlayStation 4 will outsell the PlayStation 3.

"It has an opportunity to significantly exceed what we’ve been able to achieve with PS3 and there’s a couple of reasons for that," said House. "We start off with a price point that is much more consumer friendly than was there for the PS3."

"Also, one of the success stories for the business as a whole has been our ability to open up new geographies for video games over the last five years," House continued. "You are seeing opportunities for new markets that we haven’t tapped into."

"The other point is that we took several years to take PS3 from being a dual function device to a multi-functional entertainment device," added House. "PS4 arrives with a full suite of those non-game entertainment services right from day one. And that’s important because there will be someone who wants this as a games device, but the fact it is a great place to view BBC iPlayer, for example, gives  other family members reason to use it. That is crucial in broadening what the console’s reach could be."

The PlayStation 4 has already sold 2.1 million units as of December 1 and broke worldwide launch records.  The PS4 sold more than one million units in its launch in North America and 700,000 units Europe.

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Michael-5 (on 06 December 2013)

I can see this happening, but I can think of 3 more reasons why the PS4 will outsell the PS3. 1. The Market is growing, every gen see's more total console sales 2. PS4 will out compete the XBO, so it doesn't have to split sales 3. A lot of casual fans will buy a PS4 over a WiiU this time around. PS2 era dominance commence.

game_on (on 06 December 2013)

The console market is not growing, it's loosing a lot of ground to mobile and PC. No way the PS4 will outsell any last gen.

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binary solo (on 06 December 2013)

I don't think your point 1. is a given. Personally I think gen 7 is a peak generation. I think gen 8 will see a drop in overall sales. Wii U won't get close to Wii, and Xb one may not get the sales of X360. Leaving only PS4 as the system likely to outsell its predecessor. And I don't see PS4 outselling PS3 by more than Wii U and Xb one undersell Wii and X360.

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RoadShow (on 09 December 2013)

oh easy

pezus (on 07 December 2013)

That much is obvious

S.Peelman (on 06 December 2013)

I am not a believer. I don't think any console will meet their predecessor's numbers, industry declining and all. I *do* give PS4 the biggest chance though.

binary solo (on 06 December 2013)

The more important question is: are you a belieber?

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ViktorBKK (on 06 December 2013)

You don't say?

VMEfinn (on 10 December 2013)

I disagree. The PS3 will sell around 100 million before it is discontinued, but to do that will have taken it 9 to 10 years. On the other hand the PS4's life cycle will max out in 4 years before it is replaced. (That's why they used the 86 architecture as it is easily scalable and cheap to upgrade) I say the PS4 will max out at about 64 million units before PS5 comes along.

Wanderlei (on 09 December 2013)

Wow sure is delusional in here, the ps4 wont even get close to ps3 sales. Sales are already crashing after pre-orders get filled because the only significant exclusive Sony have are Knack and Killzone, lol. Xbox One will out sell it this gen via not being owned by virtually bankrupt corporation and one that can buy up 3rd party games on a regular basis. Meanwhile Sony have less development teams than every before because they have been selling them left and right, along with major assets just to stay in business. More than HALF of all current PS3s were sold within the last two years. Process that. Do you honestly believe those people, having JUST bought the PS3, are going to want to buy the follow-up less than 2 years later? And, further, do you believe that Sony can make due with less than 50% of their current sales? Especially when most major games are multi-plat and/or multi-generational. Also LOL at ps3 ever making 100million. Sony have been combining sales of PS2 and PS3 hardware sales, just like they combine PSP and Vita sales to hides its tanking. It's funny because sony fans have been crowing about how the PS3 allegedly passed the Xbox 360, but recently Jack Tretton himself revealed that's not the case. IF IT END AT 80 MILLION!

Dark_Lord_2008 (on 08 December 2013)

Safe prediction that we have to wait 5 to 6 years to come true. If PS3 sells 100 million sales that will take the PS4 at least 5 years from now to reach.

jakeh14 (on 06 December 2013)

Pretty sure PS4 can do it. Almost everyone can see this happening.