World of Tank Developer Wargaming Opens Studio in Austin - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 02 August 2013 / 3,417 Views

Wargaming, the developer behind the free-to-play hit World of Tanks, has announced they will be opening a studio in Austin, Texas. This comes exactly 15 years since the developer was founded.

The new studio will serve as a central hub to help the communication between Wargaming's other studios. The studio will house its central technology, global business intelligence and producing center groups.

Wargaming also now owns the rights to two classic strategy games Total Annihilation and Master of Orion. The news was first announced at the Atari bankruptcy auction in July.

"Total Annihilation and Master of Orion are strategy game classics. Although it's too soon to disclose any details, we are more than willing to give a new lease of life to these games most of us grew up playing," said Wargaming CEO Victor Kislyi in a statement. "It's exactly where our major focus will be."

Wargaming acquired Gas-Powered Games earlier this year, which was founded by the original designer of Total Annihilation Chris Taylor.

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Ganoncrotch (on 02 August 2013)

Awesome to start hearing news about studios opening up new officers rather than closures. Good luck to them with their Deal with Microsoft to bring World of Tanks to the Xboxone, hope it is half as popular as Minecraft was and it'll have them sorted for life.

DarkFury (on 03 August 2013)

I am also glad to see some news of Studios opening instead of closing... but World of Tanks is already 300 million a year biz, so I think they are already set for life. ;)

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Ethel125 (on 03 August 2013)

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Ethel125 (on 03 August 2013)

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Ganoncrotch (on 05 August 2013)

oh yeah DarkFury obviously it's a well known game but Minecraft and Notch made a shit load of money from their deal with MS and XBL since that game was huge on the PC before it came to consoles also.

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Vashyo (on 04 August 2013)

Hoping for a new MoO! That series got me into the 4x space genre. :)

Ethel125 (on 03 August 2013)