Layoffs Hit Jagex Due to 'organisational Restructuring' - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 19 July 2013 / 3,314 Views

Jagex, the Runsecape developer and publisher, has confirmed they have laid off 10 employees, according to a spokesperson who talked with GamesIndustry International. The employees were working on a new project that was not financially viable. Jagex will now focus solely on Runescape and the upcoming Transformers MMO Transformers Universe.

"The company's #1 focus this year is on its flagship titles RuneScape and Transformers Universe," said a Jagex spokesperson. "Therefore we have had to make some difficult decisions on priorities which will affect ten employees."

"These individuals were working on new experimental projects which ultimately did not warrant further investment. We will naturally continue to support and help those affected during this difficult time and also reach out to other companies for outplacements opportunities."

Jagex had laid off 13 employees from its Transformers Universe team earlier this month. However, Jagex assured that the quality and release of the game won't be affected.

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DamnTastic (on 19 July 2013)

let's hope runescape 3 will be a blast then :)

AlphaCielago (on 19 July 2013)

Well they better work harder on RS, considering the updates it will be getting this year.