Atlus Parent Company Files Bankruptcy - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 27 June 2013 / 5,330 Views

Atlus parent company, Index Corporation, has filed for civil rehabilitation proceedings, the Japanese equivalent to bankruptcy in the US, according to CNET Japan. The company owes owes ¥24.5 billion ($249 million) after several acquisitions went south.

The company did note that Atlus has been profitable and a success, following a press release. They are currently looking for a partner or sponsor for Atlus, so the game developer won't be affected.

Index Corporation posted a loss of ¥2.26 billion yen ($23 million) for its second fiscal quarter 2013. Siliconera is reporting that it left the company with ¥1.44 billion in debt that it has not been able to overcome.

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BaldrSkies (on 27 June 2013)

Bandai Namco would be an ideal publisher for the Atlus brand as a large publisher of JRPGs. Koei Tecmo would be another good candidate as their acquisition of Gust has proven.

NoirSon (on 27 June 2013)

I hope Nintendo or some other major publisher steps in to help... not Square Enix, as I am sure based on their previous mergers and acquisitions they would just ruin the company as its own individual entity. But some other company with deep pockets would help keep Atlus a float.

Michael-5 (on 27 June 2013)

Scared me for a second.....Nintendo, this is your chance to swoop in and buy a very unique and profitable company!

Proxy-Pie (on 27 June 2013)

Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, so Nintendo, nuff said

BossPuma (on 27 June 2013)

Nintendo are already partnering with them for SMTxFE, hopefully they take that partnership further.

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the_dengle (on 27 June 2013)

I would prefer the console makers keep their checkbooks in their pockets on this one. The last thing Atlus needs is to become exclusive to a single console family. Especially considering Persona 5 is probably already well under way for both PS3 and 360... what would to that project if suddenly Nintendo bought them? Even if Sony bought them, the whole 360 version would have to be scrapped, as would Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem. Nothing good would come of that. Personally I agree with BaldrSkies -- Namco Bandai and Koei Tecmo both seem like a good fit. Just for the love of God, keep these guys away from Western publishers. Sony and Nintendo acquisitions would be bad, but Microsoft or EA acquisitions would be catastrophic.

errorpwns (on 28 June 2013)

This and the comment by BaldrSkies cannot get enough thumbs ups. Any major console creator acquiring the rights to Atlus would be a horrible thing. Not just for the gamers, but also the company. I agree that Namco is a perfect fit.

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teamsilent13 (on 27 June 2013)

Atlas shall return to break the bothersome shackles of freedom and choice that have plagued your weary minds!

Proxy-Pie (on 02 July 2013)

who should buy them, let's see: from a businnes relationship standpoint: 1.Sony: they have a really good relationship with Atlus with the Personna Series, 2.Nintendo: they released SMT4 in japan and are localizing it for an english release, and they're working on SMT X FE, so they have a good relationship as well. 3.Microsoft: it's non-existent. from a money standpoint: 1.Microsoft: they have a shit ton of money off of Windows and XBLive 2.Nintendo: they have huge profits and lots of money and can definately afford it 3.Sony: they're stocks aren't currently the best and they're financial state doesn't seem well either. conclusion: Nintendo is the best option, Sony as a distant 2nd, and Microsoft... No, Just No, knowing them and what they did to Rare, We'd probably get Shin Megami Tensei X Kinect Adventures

postofficebuddy (on 28 June 2013)

Sorry to hear about this. I hate to ask but is this going to effect the servers for any Atlus games?

Just_Rocco (on 27 June 2013)


bad22 (on 01 July 2013)

Awesome Best news ever

cmeese47 (on 28 June 2013)

Sony would be a great partner for Atlus

errorpwns (on 28 June 2013)

Not really. It wouldn't benefit the gamers nor the company at all. Atlus games are purchased in large amounts on Microsoft, Sony, and Nintnedo consoles. The last thing Atlus would want is to suddenly have their business closed to one set of consoles. It'd be funny to see what would happen if Nintendo snatched up Atlus, but I know it wouldn't be beneficial to the company at all as Nintendo might attempt to keep development more closed.

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UltimateUnknown (on 28 June 2013)

I think I agree with the others that Atlus should be acquired by a good Japanese 3rd party publisher that specialise in the JRPG genre. That way all of their games can be on various platforms such as Nintendo and Sony's. BUT, if no 3rd party was up to the task, I want them to be picked up by one of the 1st parties because I absolutely don't want to see them leave altogether. In that case I think I would prefer Sony to pick them up since Atlus' games tend to have been best on Sony's platform and I want to play Persona 5 and beyond.

akuseru (on 27 June 2013)

Go Sony! That's all I have to say :)

think-man (on 27 June 2013)

Take em Sony ;P

Bristow9091 (on 27 June 2013)

Sony, get in there!

mizzou_guy (on 27 June 2013)

I'd love to see Sony join with them. They've put out some good games on the PS3.

teamsilent13 (on 27 June 2013)

Atlas shall return to break the bothersome shackles of freedom and choice that have plagued your weary minds!