E3 2013: PlayStation 4 Priced at $399 at Launch - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 10 June 2013 / 4,563 Views

Sony has announced at their E3 Press Conference that the PlayStation 4 will launch this holiday season for $399 in the US, €399 in Europe and £349 in the UK.

PlayStation 4

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tripleb2k (on 11 June 2013)

Hats off to Sony. They're listening to their customers! I'll gladly purchase this console and play GAMES on it.

Michael-5 (on 11 June 2013)

If I wasn't looking to replace my PS3, and I didn't personally have a bad history with 1st gen non-Nintendo consoles, I'd buy this day 1. WOW, what a great price! Sony listens to their gamers.

SonyHeavyMetal92 (on 11 June 2013)

at this price i will get it ASAP and maybe give one to family for Christmas :D xbox (D)one is 100 dollars to overpriced and with the DRM and always online just sank its ship and will get sales like the first xbox, well Microsoft you wanted to get greedy and now you lose! i never like anything xbox and this is why they have no soul xD

Michael-5 (on 11 June 2013)

A bit harsh, but I agree. Now I'm not sure if I want to collect One games since in a few years they will be worthless plastic....

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darkenergy (on 11 June 2013)

Says the sony fanboy who has forgotten that the PS3 was launch at about the same price as going to be the Xbox one. Also I don't see the Xbox one getting sales as much as the first xbox but I think they are going to sell as much as the 360 since there are games that people are wanting to play and microsoft still has a chance to turn everything around next year if they get rid of all the things that make the xbox one undesirable just how PS3 did in its second year Oh its safe to say that you have never played Halo since you don't like anything xbox but are people who enjoy the 360 console so don't say any dumb prediction

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eFKac (on 11 June 2013)

Any confirmation if it always comes with the PS4 Eye or not?

xSHADOWx (on 12 June 2013)

I too would like this information haha.
I'm sure it will, they just need to confirm! (:

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