Video Game Voters Network Reaches 500,000 Members - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 18 March 2013 / 2,175 Views

Entertainment Software Association's Video Game Voters Network has reached 500,000 members. The network is a place for US gamers to work together to speak to Congress and to prevent any laws that may limit the sale of games. The network was formed in 2006.

The network has more than doubled in size in the last three years. Members Congress in that time period has been wanting to ban violent video games. The Supreme Court overturned a California Law that would stop the sales of games rated Mature to minors. After the Sandy Hook shooting the NRA said the shooting was caused by violent games and not by how easy it is to own a gun in the US.

"As the prevalence and influence of computer and video games in our society has grown, so too has the dedicated membership of VGVN," said ESA senior VP of communications and industry affairs Rich Taylor. "These highly engaged members make their voices heard in government offices across the country, educating officials about video games' positive impacts and advocating for policy issues affecting game creators and consumers."

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