DFC: Video Game Software to Grow to $70 Billion by 2017 - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 08 June 2012 / 5,265 Views

DFC Intelligence has predicted that despite the current slow down in the video game market, software sales are expected to grow. Video game software sales was $52 billion in 2011 and DFC has predicted that sales will increase to $70 billion in 2017. PC revenue will have a 39 percent market share, game consoles with 36 percent and mobile devices with 25 percent.

DFC Intelligence CEO David Cole said the following: "While the game industry is expanding on all fronts with new demographic groups playing games on a regular basis, the core consumer still remains male, age 12 to 30. In every segment, the key growth factor is improving access and monetization capabilities to that core demographic. Digital distribution, already widely accepted among core gamers globally, is clearly broadening access to products and driving much of the industry growth. The bottom line is core gamers spend money on products they like and right now the game offerings on sites like Facebook are simply not appealing to that demographic."

DFC has partnered with firm Live Gamer to know the habits of gamers who play free-to-play video games. "Gamers tend to make purchases several times a year in bulk sums of around $20 to $50," Cole added. "A successful game should count on an average paying consumer spending $75 a year for two years"

DFC has also partnered with Xfire to understand the success of new PC games like Diablo III and Minecraft. "DFC is the ideal partner to help Xfire analyze gameplay data from our user base of more than 21 million gamers in North America, Europe and Asia," said Malcolm CasSelle, CEO, Xfire. "Xfire has a deep insight into game trends because our app natively tracks the number of players - and hours played - for each title, by country. Xfire tracks the growth trajectory of new titles at launch, including which titles keep a share of gamers' time and which games get dropped in favor of newer titles."

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stealth20k (on 10 June 2012)

that has to be a joke there is no fact here

Feniris (on 08 June 2012)

To answer your question JRock3x8. They are either: A. Factoring in Social Games' revenue into the PC total. or B. Over estimating the amount of digital growth of digital transactions.

JRock3x8 (on 08 June 2012)

"PC revenue will have a 39 percent market share, game consoles with 36 percent and mobile devices with 25 percent." Can you provide the history of this? I'd like at least 5 years of history if we have it - I want to see where mobile is eating into - is it consoles or is it PC or some of both? also, PC's higher than consoles?!? really? That's not true currently, is it? What is going to drive that change?

Tammi (on 09 June 2012)

"Digital distribution, already widely accepted among core gamers globally" - No way! D.D. is the worst thing to happen to the video game market.