Remedy: AAA Quality Titles for Tablets in the Near Future - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 11 April 2012 / 4,131 Views

In an interview at GamesIndustry, Remedy Entertainment CEO Matias Myllyrinne, stated that it won't be long before original AAA quality games are released for the tablets. However he would still like to see a standard controller built for the tablets.

"[We're] not far at all," said Myllyrinne. "Or at least I'd like to see games made for the medium. You still see ports of console titles being brought to iPad. While some of those are cool, I think the really powerful things would be when they're made for the medium. When you take the interface into serious consideration in your design. But I don't think we're far away from that at all. If you talk to any of the smart kids in the class, I think all of them are looking at how do we build good IP for theses devices, and I think Infinity Blade is now the benchmark and I think Epic and Chair have done a wonderful job there."

He did mention that the length of play sessions are very different for a tablet device compared to a home console. Remedy is seeing an average play time between three and four minutes for its tablet game Death Rally. He was asked whether or not that meant a traditional console game would fit the tablet experience.

"That's a good question. I don't know," said Myllyrinne. "I know that there are heavy users for our games and there are a lot of folks who play at home on an iPad for a long period of time. I don't know whether the hard core gamers would still rather boot up a console and play Uncharted or Halo or what have you. But I don't think they necessarily take away from each other. They're just different kinds of experiences. I think, most of us, these days, we have a touch phone, we have an iPad, and we have a laptop. They're all used for similar things, but still they serve a specific function."

Myllyrinne finished with this statement. "Technically, we can just do much more and production wise we can just do much more than we ever could before, so I'm really looking forward to what happens in the upcoming years."

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wfz (on 11 April 2012)

This is why I like the Wii U. It's a tablet with a console's power and control system behind it. Perfect blend.

famousringo (on 12 April 2012)

There are people working on that right now:

T.Rexington (on 11 April 2012)

I don't see too many people making big budget games for those platforms, as the amount of people who would spend such an amount on just one product just doesn't seem realistic.

menx64 (on 11 April 2012)

AAA games? I wonder how many people will pay $50-$60 on an Iphone/android thing for COD or GTA... My bet? no too many...

scottie (on 11 April 2012)

AAA does not mean expensive. AAA does not mean aimed at 16 year old males. AAA means over 90% on aggregate review scores.

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thranx (on 12 April 2012)

After windows 8 releases i see no reason for tablet gaming to not explode. It should make it easier to have a game on a pc/tablet/xbox/phone as they will all be running the same os (or in xbox next case a modified version of the same os). I know there are a lot of doubters out there, but it seems to be natural step. Why not port games that are multiplat to another device? Just increases your potential customer base and if its easy it will be stupid not to. Especially since tablets can have peripherals connected through wireless and connect to a tv so you can get a controller if you want, or play on a big screen. My hopes at least.

mike_intellivision (on 12 April 2012)

The question about Windows 8 is whether or not businesses will accept it as a standard. Vista was so buggy and hated that XP had to be kept alive and available far longer than was intended. That is often the case for every other Windows release. And if businesses does not switch, the home market may be slower to switch (since people will want what they have at work) and the integration will not occur.

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ninty_shareholder64 (on 12 April 2012)

Yeah, finally the time has come. Then, after a few months and a handful AAA-flops on tablets we can stop that shitty DOOM-trash-talk about handhelds and consoles are dying because tablets are overrunning the gaming sector.

snowdog (on 12 April 2012)

Forget about the power of the things, AAA titles are a waste of time on a pad or smartphone unless you have actual controls to use rather than just a touchscreen. You can never replace sticks and buttons imo.

dr3b (on 12 April 2012)

I can't see a market for it, and tablets don't have the power to run a AAA game. I am sure most game companies know that the target market for AAA games don't want them on a tablet.

Tammi (on 12 April 2012)

Forget tablet games - keep games where they belong: ON GAME CONSOLES!

Millenium (on 11 April 2012)

Just give me Alan Wake 2 for the 360 which is a proper console, thank you.

VGKing (on 11 April 2012)

Quality is subjective. For example, I find games like Modern Warfare 3 to be of high quality despite its meh graphics.

z101 (on 11 April 2012)

AAA like Kinect Star Wars? Or AAA like Xenoblade Chronicles?

mike_intellivision (on 11 April 2012)

Well, this person is not with a mobile company, so this is not wishful speculation by the industry itself, however, AAA titles usually mean high price tag. The question becomes whether you can get someone to pay $40 (or even $30) for a big title in a world off 99 cent games.