Wii passes Xbox in worldwide sales

by VGChartz Staff, posted on 22 April 2008 / 758 Views
April 22nd 2008

Vgchartz Cumulative Worldwide Data: Wii passes Xbox LTD Sales (1) on April 19, 2008

VGChartz projects that Nintendo’s latest console, the Wii, which was released in November 2006 in North America, and December 2006 in the rest of the world has surpassed the lifetime sales of Microsofts first console, the Xbox by April 19, 2008.
Through April 19, 2008 Wii has sold 24.540 million consoles, with Xbox having sold 24.198 million consoles (2).
It took Wii 17 months to reach this number, while Xbox took 69 months to reach the same amount of consoles sold. 

Future milestones

By passing the Xbox, Wii has managed to become the 7th most sold console to date in just one and a half years on the market.
If the current sales trend continues, Wii will surpass Sega's Genesis/Mega Drive (30.75 million) and the N64 (32.93 million) around August 2008.
It is realistic to assume that Wii will also pass its older Nintendo brothers SNES (49.08 million) and NES (61.79 million) at a certain point in its lifecycle, becoming Nintendo's most successfull console ever.
To have a shot at passing Sony's two PlayStation consoles, which are both over 100 million units with the PlayStation 2 still selling well, Wii has to maintain its current sales level of over 20 million units per year at least through 2008 and 2009.


(1) Lifetime sell through, not shipments.
(2) Figures can be seen here

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Punisher (on 26 April 2008)

G'ddia up horsie, to the next sunset. Congrats to the Big N.

crymetyme (on 25 April 2008)

The Wii has even passed the almighty Evo:phase one! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evo:_Phase_One But then again, who hasn't?

heruamon (on 24 April 2008)

Well, I guess Wii wasn't a FAD...eventhough I still don't get it. My older son is playing Smash Bros, and I'm playing viking on my 360...hmmm...night and day.

Resident_Hazard (on 24 April 2008)

Awesome news of course. Now all we need is a thick string of solid 3rd party hardcore titles.

CAL4M1TY (on 24 April 2008)

I wish the wii had great games to go with these sales (you'd think developers would jump on the band wagon by now). This isn't a knock on the wii either, aside from not getting around to getting zack and wiki (I'm not getting NMH because it's overhyped), I haven't played my Wii since super mario galaxy. It got the dust wiped off of it(exaggeration of course) today when I popped in Mario Kart Wii, only to discover it to be mildly enjoyable but certainly a shadow of Mario Kart DS. Aside from Smash Bros, Tales, possibly the Force unleashed (though I will most likely get the PS3 version) and to a certain extent Final Fantasy Crystal chronicles (I have okami on PS2 already), there isn't much to look forward to imo. I'm not trying to bad mouth the wii here, I'm just disappointed with the 08 lineup at this point (which hopefully will change by the time the developers conferences and expo's start rolling in).

The_Prince (on 23 April 2008)

Go Wii, beat the Playstation brothers and make Sony realize that their rule over the consoles is over.

jeffrey9999 (on 23 April 2008)

THIS IS TO SNYPERSHAWN what u said is bullshit microsoft charges for repairs i had to pay 135.00 dallers to get mine repaird then they wonted me to pay 105.00 dallers plus 1month free of xbox live for my second one, and u are no exception if your xbox360's broke you paid or they didn't replace it AND SONY REPAIRS ALL THERE CONSOLE STILL AND ITS A FREE LIFETIME WARRENTY FOR ALL PLAYSTAION'S AFTER A ABUSE CHEACK IF U BROKE IT THROWING IT THEN ITS TO FUCKING BAD....... IF IT FAILD ON ITS OWN THEN U GET A NEW ONE

Plezbo (on 23 April 2008)

Congrats Wii. Yeah, props to Sony for making a console worthy of repurchasing. I never bought a third PS2. After my second one broke I through it out the window on I95 to see it explode. By that time Wii was almost out so I wasnt that upset, but, no doubt the reputation for faulty hardware hurt them this generation. 600 bucks for a system with few games and from a company with a history of shittily made consoles? No thanks, not at launch. I still may some day own a PS3, but its price point is going to need to drop below 300 for me to even consider it, especially if they dont fix their faulty systems.

stephen700 (on 23 April 2008)

It's good to see it's innovative games with it's wiimote controller and games which actually use it. I wish Sony would do something with the sixaxis support on PS3 it's appauling that the sixaxis motion sensing is so poorley supported on my PS3 and thus i there are very few games worth buying. While this continues Wii deserves to rule them all - I hope it thrashes the X360 and the PS3 o wait it allready is :-).

fursomewarrior (on 22 April 2008)

This is another happy day for us Wii owners to cheer about! =^o^=

reptile168 (on 22 April 2008)

I sure hope Wii surpasses PS1 and PS2 LTD sales

Captian_Twig (on 22 April 2008)

O rry? Ya rr-*shot in the face*

Nickelbackro (on 22 April 2008)

Yeah wii passes Xbox 1, next stop my beloved system the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. As nice as that will be for Nintendo, and as much as I love what Nintendo is doing in the industry I will still shed a single tear for my old sega... As for the PS2 debate, I'm on my second, haven't had a problem with my PS2 slim.

Strategyking92 (on 22 April 2008)

xbox360 > xbox in worldwide million sellers in software as of this week ^^

famousringo (on 22 April 2008)

@Snypershawn A unit sold is a unit sold. We can't know how many PS2s were sold as replacement units, and we won't know how many Wiis sell as replacements, either. Sony gets credit for making a console good enough that people will repurchase it when it fails.

Aidman (on 22 April 2008)

Go Nintendo Wii.

Monty (on 22 April 2008)

BengaBenga: Months 47 and 48 were it's last Holiday Season... it sold 620,000 in the US alone (NPD) those two months (Nov and Dec 05). If you add in WW for those 2 months, it would put it at 24 million at 48 months, or just a hair under. So, my initial point stands. Further, NPD themselves quit tracking it altogether in 2006. I understand your logic... I'm only pointing out that it's slightly misleading to say 69 months when it truly reached that level at the 48 month mark. I simply wanted to note that the last 21 months you're including for it count for hardly any units, was at a time it wasn't even manufactured, and for the most part you couldn't walk into a store and buy one. I think it's more of an apples to apples comparison to point that out, but people can take from it whatever they want.

BengaBenga (on 22 April 2008)

Monty: After 46 months Microsoft reported a total shipping of 22.78 (you can look it up on VGChartz on World -> Hardware shipments. Those figures are all from financial reports). You're right that the majority of sales is in the first 3 years of a consoles lifecycle, but I have to take these last 1.5 million sales also into account when making a comparisson of course.

Blacksaber (on 22 April 2008)

First second I thought you meant 360 which would of been odd. But non the less great job Nintendo GC little brother is doing great. And yes I did reference it to Vgcats comic.

Monty (on 22 April 2008)

"Monty, think before posting please." The Xbox 1 was at 24 million after 48 months (when the 360 was released) and MS was done manufacturing them. To add 21 months to the total seems slightly misleading. It did not sell any significant number of units in those nearly 2 years, and no more were manufactured. Again, the Wii is doing fantastic and to have passed the Xbox 1 up in just 17 months is great, but I just think it's much more fair to compare the 17 months to the 48 months. It doesn't lessen the tremendous feat of the Wii any less.

ZenfoldorVGI (on 22 April 2008)

@Snypershawn I bought 3 Playstation 2's. I dunno if that has anything to do with it, but the console certainly was and is deserving of its userbase even if it didn't do it completely honorably.

ZenfoldorVGI (on 22 April 2008)

Nice article Benga. Even I am getting tired of hearing about how godly successful and unbelievably profitable the Wii is, and I'm THE hardcore Nintendo fanboy, lol.

trestres (on 22 April 2008)

Monty, think before posting please.

Snypershawn (on 22 April 2008)

How come nobody ever mentions the failure rates of the Play-stations? How do you think they sold that many and continue to do it? I dont think Nintendo will catch Playstation 2 because Nintendo makes a pretty reliable product. Me personally I'm on my 6th playstation 2 (the disc drive stops reading discs,) and I'm going on my 3rd x-box360 but at least Microsoft doesnt charge for me replacing it, this will be the third x-box360 I will have had but I haven't had to pay for shipping or repairs to where sony wont do anything for me if I call their customer service.

BengaBenga (on 22 April 2008)

@Monty: Last thing I want to do is skew facts. I have the number of weeks from Microsofts shipment data. You're right that they stopped producing the Xbox, but the kept shipping units until Financial Results July 2007. From Nov 2001 (launch) to July 2007 = 69 months

Monty (on 22 April 2008)

Good for the Wii... however, I must say the "69 month" comment is very, very misleading. MS quit manufacturing the Xbox at around the 48 month mark. Saying that they sold 24 million in 69 months is like saying it took Nintendo 15 years to sell 49 million SNES. The numbers are good enough for the Wii that you shouldn't have to skew facts.

SaviorX (on 22 April 2008)

BengaBenga is right in assuming the Wii will pass the Genesis at around August this year. They produce 1.8 million Wiis a month. Assume they all dont sell. 1.8mil-0.3mil (ones not sold or stockpiled) equals 1.5 million a month. So far the Wii has sold 24.5 million units. 1.5 x 4=6 million Wiis. 24.5 + 6= 30.5 million Wiis. SO late August it is. Keep going strong!

Retrasado (on 22 April 2008)

@ chadius my reaction exactly Great job for the Wii.

Chadius (on 22 April 2008)

"Huh? Didn't it outsell the X360 months ago?" X360 != XBox OH. GG Wii.

superchunk (on 22 April 2008)

Fantastic...it's all coming together now...

regin2005 (on 22 April 2008)

Wow, is all I gotta say to this! Not so sure if it will outsell the Playstations but by far the Wii will be Nintendo's most successful console.

Christenal (on 22 April 2008)

xbox360 > xbox in worldwide million sellers in software as of this week ^^

mrmoney (on 22 April 2008)

Hoooly shizac

sep85dd (on 22 April 2008)

Wii will Pass Genesis as next, than n-64 and than PSP.

Hoffmole (on 22 April 2008)

Wow, I never realised the N64 sold more than the Mega Drive! Oh, and congrats Wii, of course!

EaglesEye379 (on 22 April 2008)

Wii will Wii will rock you. Wii are the champions, my friends.

oliist (on 22 April 2008)

One console to rule them all. ;)

bardicverse (on 22 April 2008)

I was confused at first. I was like..."hasn't the Wii surpassed XB360 sales ww a while ago?" Too early. Sleep need. Good on Wii. I'd like to see it dethrone Sony's older machines, mostly because it'll really wake Sony up and get them off of their high horse.

vaio (on 22 April 2008)

Wii va la Wii

RPG_Fanatic (on 22 April 2008)

Good Job Wii.

fabius2479 (on 22 April 2008)

GG Wii

macross (on 22 April 2008)

Wii fad confirmed! Wii fad over Xbox Fad~

hunter_alien (on 22 April 2008)

Great sales for the Wii ;)

dsoverpsp (on 22 April 2008)

go Wii!

daactualfact (on 22 April 2008)