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USA Retail Sales Preview for May 2010 - News

by VGChartz Staff , posted on 28 June 2010 / 5,218 Views

NPD will be releasing data for the performance of the USA videogame market this Thursday at 6:30 PM Eastern Time. The data covers the four weeks ending May 29, 2010. Based on Vgchartz data for the same period, we expect NPD to report the following information.


May 2010 saw an upswing in sales for Wii, PS3, and X360 as compared to May 2009, though DS, PSP, and PS2 were down. With lower pricing as well, VGC data shows that hardware sales revenue dropped to $246 million in May 2010 from over $300 million in May 2009. The drop off in hardware revenue was offset by an increase in software sales. Average selling price for software also increased, as cheaper PSP, PS2, and DS games made up a smaller share of the software market than last year, when DS was selling exceptionally well, and PSP and PS2 were still selling at respectable rates. Thus with a higher selling price for software, and more software sold, approximately $550 million was spent on software for May 2010 - up from about $450 million in May 2009. Accessory sales dropped off as new hardware purchases fell, but we estimate that they totalled about $95 million for the month - down from $112 million May 2009. Overall, video game purchases at brick and mortar stores in the United States should total about $891 million for May 2010 - up about 3% from May 2009.

Monthly Highlights

- The Wii saw large increases over May 2009 and April 2010 on a combination of Super Mario Galaxy 2 and the new Wii bundle (which includes Wii Sports & Wii Sports Resort). At its E3 briefing, Nintendo said the Black Wii (one of the two new bundles) had sold over 300,000 units since its May 10 launch - and the meeting was held on June 16. PS3 was also up quite a bit year over year, but declined against April 2010. With the Wii increase, hardware sales increased 3% from April.

- Several titles performed very well this month. Super Mario Galaxy 2 toppped 500,000 units, and Red Dead Redemption sold over one million units for the month.

- Major releases from 2009 continue to perform well. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Just Dance, Halo 3: ODST, Wii Sports Resort, Wii Fit Plus and New Super Mario Bros. Wii all sold over 100,000 units for the month.

- Hardware sales increased from April 2010 as can be seen below. The chart compares NPD sales for May 2009 and April 2010 to what we expect NPD to show for May 2010.

USA Hardware Sales

DS remained down by a massive volume once again, due to the Spring 2009 launch of the DSi model. PSP and PS2 show even greater declines by percentages, with the latter unlikely to even be listed by NPD for the month. Out of all hardware sold in May 2010, Nintendo had 63%, Sony had 22%, and Microsoft had 15%. During May 2009, Nintendo had 64%, Sony had 24%, and Microsoft had 12%.

Software sales were quite strong for May 2010. Nearly 20 games sold over 100,000 units for the month on a single platform. For those curious about lifetime to date totals through May 29, scale down these figures by 0.87.

Top Selling Games May 2010 (USA Market)

Of the top thirty games, 11 games were for X360, ten games were for PS3, eight games were for Wii, one game was for DS. Numerous games for Wii and DS, including NSMB DS, and Monster Hunter 3 for Wii, just missed the top thirty cut-off. Take Two's Red Dead Redemption was 8% of all software for the month - making it a great month for the publisher. For comparison, all the Nintendo titles combined in the top thirty totalled about 16% - no other publisher came close to Take Two this month from a single game. Activision and EA both had relatively weak months, with no titles cracking the top ten.

Looking ahead, June should be a decent month, with the X360 Slim / price cuts on older models, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker for PSP, and easier comparisons for DS against 2009.

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GianCarmen (on 29 June 2010)

Thanks for the info on Monster Hunter 3.

  • 0
GodOfWar_3ever (on 29 June 2010)

@ kowen

ODST is selling because of a combo of Reach beta and bundling.

  • 0
binary solo (on 28 June 2010)

I get the feeling most people are really anticipating the June NPD. May NPD is old news now that the 360S is out and shaking things up.

  • 0
TheSource (on 28 June 2010)

Monster Hunter 3 was about 50k for the month - as Seece said it just missed (unless there was a revision to the data I'm unaware of - collected this info on Saturday)

  • 0
Seece (on 28 June 2010)

@ GianCarmen, this doesn't include 1st May (45k for MH3), it seems MH3 just fell short of 50 odd k for the following 4 weeks of may

  • 0
GianCarmen (on 28 June 2010)

No Monster Hunter 3?

  • 0
selnor (on 28 June 2010)

Alan Wake deserved more. :(

  • 0
Comment was deleted...