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Metroid Prime Remastered Now Available for Switch

Metroid Prime Remastered Now Available for Switch - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 08 February 2023 / 2,138 Views

Nintendo during today's Nintendo Direct announced and released Metroid Prime Remastered for the Nintendo Switch via the eShop. The physical version will release in stores on February 22.

"With a robust lineup of Nintendo Switch games for all types of players, and with Metroid Prime Remastered launching today, Nintendo is still finding ways to surprise and delight fans," said Devon Pritchard, Nintendo of America’s Executive Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Communications. "2023 is shaping up to be yet another stellar year for Nintendo Switch players and anyone who’s eager to join the fun."

View the trailer of the remaster below:

Read details on the remaster below:

The first Metroid Prime game has been remastered for Nintendo Switch with HD visuals and enhanced sound! Explore Tallon IV from the perspective of Samus Aran. But beware: There’s more to this alien planet than meets the eye. When hostile creatures attack, fight back with Beams, Missiles, Bombs and more.

In addition to remastered visuals, this version adds modern dual-stick controls, allowing you to move around while separately changing your point of view. It’s also the first time this classic game can be played on the go! 

A life-long and avid gamer, William D'Angelo was first introduced to VGChartz in 2007. After years of supporting the site, he was brought on in 2010 as a junior analyst, working his way up to lead analyst in 2012 and taking over the hardware estimates in 2017. He has expanded his involvement in the gaming community by producing content on his own YouTube channel and Twitch channel. You can contact the author on Twitter @TrunksWD.

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2zosteven (on 08 February 2023)

if you have not played this game, now is the time!

  • +8
Imaginedvl (on 08 February 2023)

oh wow, I watched the show and did not realize it was available now... wow... I love this game so much; def. my favorite GameCube game. Will go get it right away.

  • +4
Garrus (on 09 February 2023)

It's a pretty nice remaster. I've been playing it for a few hours, finally died my first time oops ha. Make sure you save when you can with these older games!

I personally prefer the aliased look over the clean and slightly blurrier look, the new game looks very clear, it has TAA maybe? This has real anti-aliasing on Switch (it does kind of look like Unreal engine). Wish it was an option in the settings though to turn it on and off.

Nice game!

  • 0
Mr.GameCrazy (on 09 February 2023)

Man, the remastered version of Metroid Prime looks great! I hope 2 and 3 get remastered as well, leading into Metroid Prime 4!

  • 0
xMetroid (on 08 February 2023)

This is borderline a remake. Incredible work, 40 bucks. Nintendo shined today.

  • 0
KLAMarine (on 08 February 2023)

Now! Available now! Not years from now. Not months from now. NOW!

  • 0
pikashoe (on 08 February 2023)

Just played through the opening, looks really nice visually. Will never get tired of seeing the raindrops on the visor. Also a surprising amount of options for changing and fine tuning the controls.

  • 0
JWeinCom (on 08 February 2023)

40 is a bit steep for this.

  • -6
Medisti JWeinCom (on 08 February 2023)

Meanwhile, people regularly pay 70 for the same game as last year with a new number and the socks changed. Value, like beauty, is often up to opinion.

  • +7
JWeinCom Medisti (on 09 February 2023)

Thank you for informing me that people have opinions. Had no idea until just now.

  • -2
Medisti JWeinCom (on 12 February 2023)

No problem! :) Glad I could help.

  • 0
Comment was deleted...
2zosteven tslog (on 08 February 2023)

definitely could have been much better, but not a joke, im ready to play again, many gamers have never played this incredible game.

  • +1
VAMatt tslog (on 08 February 2023)

Nintendo is definitely the king when it comes to getting people to double or triple dip.

And, yeah, the graphics are disappointing.

  • 0
pikashoe VAMatt (on 08 February 2023)

It's a close call with Bethesda, rockstar and Sony.

  • +3
pikashoe tslog (on 08 February 2023)

I mean it's not a full remake but the graphics have had a pretty significant upgrade compared to a lot of other HD remasters.

  • 0
Eric2048 tslog (on 08 February 2023)

Not really the graphical quality that bothers me but more the art style.

  • -3
VAMatt Eric2048 (on 08 February 2023)

Well, they're not gonna change the art style in a remaster

  • 0
Eric2048 VAMatt (on 08 February 2023)

"Remake" this Is clearly built from the ground up. And the art style looks odd to me like everything is made from clay.

  • -5
VAMatt Eric2048 (on 08 February 2023)

Who's calling it a remake? Only you, from what I can see.

  • 0
Eric2048 VAMatt (on 08 February 2023)

It is a Remake this is no simple remaster. look at it.

  • -4
Hynad Eric2048 (on 08 February 2023)

Nintendo themselves are calling it a remaster.

It’s a remaster.

  • -1
Eric2048 Hynad (on 08 February 2023)

And that makes it correct I guess? Whatever everyone has there own definition I guess. This thing already been argued to death in the past. Let's just agree to disagree.

  • -5
Imaginedvl Eric2048 (on 08 February 2023)

No lol it is a remaster… there is nothing to disagree lol. This clearly not build from the ground up but the old game simply remastered… you are even making the distinction yourself…

  • +2