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Xbox Update to Fix Servers Issues to be Released in the Coming Days

Xbox Update to Fix Servers Issues to be Released in the Coming Days - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 09 May 2022 / 1,586 Views

There have been issues with Xbox servers in recent days that have precented some Xbox users from being unable to launch games they own and from purchasing games. 

The Xbox Support team via Twitter states they have seen improvements to the issues, however, they are planning to release a new update that will fully fix the issues.

"We’ve seen significant improvement to the issue that has prevented some users from purchasing and launching games," reads the tweet from Xbox Support. "We expect full mitigation in the coming days with the roll out of a new update."

A life-long and avid gamer, William D'Angelo was first introduced to VGChartz in 2007. After years of supporting the site, he was brought on in 2010 as a junior analyst, working his way up to lead analyst in 2012. He has expanded his involvement in the gaming community by producing content on his own YouTube channel and Twitch channel dedicated to gaming Let's Plays and tutorials. You can contact the author at or on Twitter @TrunksWD.

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Blood_Tears (on 09 May 2022)

DRM 4 the players!

  • +14
eva01beserk Blood_Tears (on 09 May 2022)

After all the backlash the x1 reveal got they learned their lessons. They just dont tell gamers they added it untill it blows in their face.

  • +5
scrapking eva01beserk (on 09 May 2022)

Are you asserting that they've changed their DRM policy? I don't read the article that way at all, I take it as a glitch that's not in alignment with their stated DRM policy, leading to the necessity to fix it.

  • -8
eva01beserk scrapking (on 09 May 2022)

Changed? No. It always was like that. It was called out even at launch that without internet this console was a brick. It would not even let you initialize it without internet. People claimed it was a one time thing and that was obiously a lie.

  • +6
scrapking eva01beserk (on 10 May 2022)

The console requires an initial connection to the internet to be registered with Xbox Live, yes. But that's not a change to their DRM policy, as you appeared to suggest. Once registered games can usually be played offline, if the console is registered as your "Home" Xbox. It sounds like there was a glitch that interfered with that, and they're correcting the glitch. If this update returns us to the state where an Xbox, once registered as a "Home" Xbox can run games even when offline, it sounds like it's false to suggest that there's been a change to Microsoft's DRM policy.

  • -4
DonFerrari scrapking (on 10 May 2022)

What he is saying is that they didn't change their policy they just hide it.

  • 0
LudicrousSpeed DonFerrari (on 10 May 2022)

Except it has been changed and these were just server glitches. No need to keep up the faux concern, warriors.

  • -9
Bandorr LudicrousSpeed (on 10 May 2022)

Let this be a warning. You've been here for a long long time. Long enough to know that calling people "warriors" is going to cause problems.

So be careful or it could lead to article bans for comments like this.

  • +4
scrapking DonFerrari (on 10 May 2022)

Right, and I'm suggesting that (outside of conspiracy theories) the evidence seems to contradict the allegations. This seems like a glitch, not a policy change.

  • +1
DonFerrari scrapking (on 10 May 2022)

that much is true.

  • +1
scrapking Blood_Tears (on 09 May 2022)

DRM isn't ideal, totally agreed. I'm not a fan, and have purchased some DRM-free content from GoG in the past. Sadly, the nature of subsidized hardware for game consoles means all three console makers will continue to use DRM. Now Steam (which traditionally doesn't sell much in the way of hardware) has a harder time justifying it. I'll always purchase off of GoG before I would purchase off of Steam, for that reason.

  • -4
Azzanation scrapking (on 10 May 2022)

I dont understand, what does GoG do differently to Steam?

  • 0
scrapking Azzanation (on 10 May 2022)

All GoG games are sold DRM-free. Whereas Steam uses DRM.

  • 0
Azzanation scrapking (on 10 May 2022)

What DRM does Steam use that puts you off using the eco system?

  • 0

Steam requires the use of the Steam launcher to install and launch games. GoG has a launcher (GoG Galaxy) but it isn't required. You can download setup files and install games without the need of the launcher. The launcher provides QoL improvements like automatic updates and easy access to the store and additional content for games, but you can do all that without the use of the launcher. Also none of the content requires any sort of online connection to play or access unless it's an online mode. There was recently an issue with Hitman releasing on GoG where content was locked behind a required internet connection which lead to the game being pulled from GoG after many complaints.

There is a strong community that prefers this way of managing their games. With the setup files they can archive their games and have them at any time to play on any PC they have without a reliance on any kind of servers to verify their purchase during installation or launch.

I'm not saying this as someone against Steam. Just answering the question regarding the difference between Steam and a more DRM free system.

  • +5

Steam has an offline mode aswell. Also by using Steam, you get access to all its features and game updates. Like access to forums, achievements, socials. Can play and stream on any PC, its also free. Steam also has a much bigger library of games to choose from. I just cannot justify GoG over Steam.

  • 0
scrapking Azzanation (on 10 May 2022)

Fair enough, there is lots to recommend Steam for. Most of those things I either don't care about, or are also true of GoG, so I favour GoG when I can. But I totally get why some people prefer to get everything on Steam.

  • 0

That's fair. I was just answering your question regarding the DRM that Steam uses that puts some people off of it. Every consumer can make their own choice, but the important bit is there is choice present.

Your mention of Steam's features doesn't negate anything I mentioned in terms of GoG's more DRM free approach. I agree completely that Steam has a great set of features that add to the QoL for PC gaming. I'm just explaining the difference between Steam and something more DRM-free. Others value the DRM-less nature of GoG more and they make the choice that suits them. In addition, Steam's offline mode does have limitations. Some games require Steam to be online for your first launch of them or they won't work. Games that use external launchers also do not work in offline mode. Again, not a huge hassle for most but some like to live away from all the launchers and data collection practices.

I have fond memories of hunting down patches to games and updating them manually. And from those days I learned that sometimes having to manually update can prove advantageous when patches might rebalance the game in a way you don't agree with or break things and you can more easily revert to an older version or not update at all.

Finally, if GoG was even more popular there's a case to be made that more publishers would do the work to remove DRM from their games in order to be available for purchase on the service and consumers who prefer that method would have even more choice in titles. That's also why I'm out here sharing some knowledge on the matter. I think choice is good for the industry even if I have my Steam preference. The more strong choices, the healthier the industry.

  • 0

No question that Steam has the advantage of the gigantic catalogue.
But an advantage to GoG is less DRM and other bloatware.

  • +1
Bandorr Blood_Tears (on 10 May 2022)

Let this be a warning. Comments like this get the snowball rolling down the hill. It may be innocent but it becomes a problem real soon.

This could result in an article ban if kept up.

  • 0
gtotheunit91 (on 09 May 2022)

Better reliability is good but honestly, this doesn't fix the horrendous DRM that the consoles have. If you need to be online to play a game you own that isn't multiplayer based, then your policy needs correction. An offline game should be available to play even if you never reconnect that console to the internet for eternity.

Xbox desperately needs to make a drastic change to their DRM policy.

  • +11
Azzanation gtotheunit91 (on 09 May 2022)

Unfortunately thats not a issue, its a choice.

  • -8
scrapking Azzanation (on 09 May 2022)

You can typically play any content on your "Home" Xbox, even in an internet outage, so I'm not sure what the cause of this glitch even is?

  • +1
gtotheunit91 scrapking (on 09 May 2022)

This was thought to be the case, but many are pointing out that this wasn’t fixing the issue. Including prominent Xbox content creators like Parris Lilly saying their “Home” Xbox’s couldn’t play anything.

  • +6
scrapking gtotheunit91 (on 10 May 2022)

Then it sounds like a glitch they're correcting, rather than a change to their DRM policy, as some have suggested. Gotcha.

  • +1
scrapking gtotheunit91 (on 09 May 2022)

You can do so, on your "Home" Xbox. This is not typically an issue, unless you load your account on two or more Xboxes.

I've been able to play digitally-purchased games offline all the way back to the 360, simply by being aware in an internet outage of which one I had declared as my home Xbox. My suspicion is that this issue is for people trying to use content on something other than their home Xbox, or some other kind of unrelated glitch.

I is Xbox DRM any more intrusive than Steam's? I think it might even be less so, overall.

  • +1
AkimboCurly (on 10 May 2022)

Haven't experienced this myself but this highlights the issue with a DRM solution located on en external server

  • +4
Leynos (on 10 May 2022)

Fix the issue you don't need to be online to play purchased single player games.

  • +4
DonFerrari (on 10 May 2022)

Seems like they are taking a good deal of time. One major reason why I prefer my physical games.

  • +3
Manlytears (on 10 May 2022)

A friend talked about this on whatsapp group, said he can't play a bunch of his games on his Xbox. I belive it's his only Xbox, the "Home xbox".
DRM bullshit is bad MS, get rid of this shit before Sony/Nintendo start copying you!

  • +2
Livewitharya (on 09 May 2022)

How can one share digital single player games without DRM?

  • 0
Leynos Livewitharya (on 10 May 2022)

Ask GoG

  • +3
Livewitharya Leynos (on 10 May 2022)

All the games available on GOG are available for free on torrent. If there's no DRM then how come companies will verify if the copy is legitimate or not? Also, these developers lost a huge chunk of their revenue in the growing Asian and African market in the 00s due to piracy. Right now piracy is at all time low but without DRM they all are going to lose revenue which in turn will have a butterfly effect on the quantity and diversity of games we'll receive and some developers might go bankrupt which again is not good.
For example, I used to mod and pirate games in 00s, it was easy. With DRM I couldn't do that, so I started buying games.

  • -1
LudicrousSpeed (on 09 May 2022)
  • -12