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Best DLC/Expansion of 2021

Best DLC/Expansion of 2021 - Article

by Lee Mehr , posted on 15 January 2022 / 2,999 Views

As great as new games are, sometimes you just want to retreat to familiar ground.  That's the beauty of good expansions: they can revive your enthusiasm in a title you've already enjoyed.  This could be done in a few ways, from supplementing mechanics/game systems already there, to introducing new ideas you didn't know you wanted, and adding/concluding specific storylines, or a mixture of all three.  Whether they're called 'DLC' or 'Expansions' by their respective marketing teams, the following examples showcase great ways to enhance the core game experience.


The Shortlist:


Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker


Super Mario 3D World: Bowser's Fury


Sea of Thieves: A Pirate's Life


Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Happy Home Paradise





The Winner:

Super Mario 3D World: Bowser's Fury

Runner-up: Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Happy Home Paradise

As Evan Norris put it in his review, Bowser's Fury is "an ingenious, inventive add-on campaign that offers a glimpse into the potential future of the franchise."  Although one near-unanimous complaint about its length is a sticking point, the collective fervor for Bowser's Fury (from staff & users alike) highlights Nintendo's genuine creativity when it comes to open-world game design.  Players were only given an appetizer of how Breath of the Wild's improvisational mechanics can be transplanted into 3D Mario, but that was enough to know it could be another stellar game.

Congrats to Nintendo for netting our two top spots.

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Livewitharya (on 15 January 2022)

For me, it was SOT: A Pirate's Life. I've always loved those Pirates of the Caribbean movies and Jack sparrow in pirate themed game was a dream come true for me.
Can't comment on anything else as I haven't played them.

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Livewitharya coolbeans (on 17 January 2022)

Maybe this year's DLC. ??

  • +1
Dulfite (on 15 January 2022)

Those are some top tier expansions, it really has been a good year for that!

  • +5
Shiken (on 16 January 2022)

For me it was the whole of the Inazuma expansion for Genshin Impact. By the time it was done, almost felt like a kind of sequel more than an expansion (which is a good thing).

I can't say I am mad about the winner though. Bowser's fury was amazing.

  • +3
Kakadu18 (on 15 January 2022)

Bowser's Fury was one of the best gaming experiences I've had last year. An absolute blast.

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