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Weird Gaming News, October 2021

Weird Gaming News, October 2021 - Article

by Patrick Day-Childs , posted on 31 October 2021 / 1,129 Views

October is over, which means little kids have just been encouraged to stand around outside strangers' homes asking for sweets while it poured down with rain. It also means now is a great chance to look back at some of the strange little things that happened in the gaming world over the last month.


Battlefield 3 is Still Being Advertised

A university in Spain still has a Battlefield 3 poster advertisement framed up on campus. Battlefield 3 is just over 10 years old at this point, so that's quite an impressive advertising feat.

It’s most likely that the advertising board was simply forgotten about, but I like the idea that someone put it up for research purposes (“How many people actually take notice of posters?”).

One thing's for sure, it made me feel old to realise Battlefield 3 is now a decade old.

Source: Reddit


Kinect is Still Alive

Kinect has risen from the dead - kind of. Microsoft and Sky TV have teamed up to roll out a 4K camera that links up with Sky’s new Sky Glass TVs. The device will support motion controls and gestures. It also has the ability for viewers to watch TV socially, similar to having a Discord call and hitting unpause on your TV at the same time.

The concept of Kinect lives, but this new device is actually slightly different to the old Kinect. Which means that I'm sorry but your Kinect in its cardboard coffin in the attic will have to stay there for the time being.

Source: The Verge


GameBoy Knock-Off Used by Crime Gang

The majority of GameBoy knock offs aren’t really worth the money - if you grab them from somewhere like Wish with hundreds of games the majority of them won’t work, or will simply have one level that you can’t actually beat. With a few bits and bobs, though, you can make a pretty decent emulator by yourself for fun.

But what if you did something illegal with the cheap knock-off GameBoy casing? And I’m not talking about sharing the ROMs. One criminal gang in the UK was found using a fake GameBoy to unlock cars and start them within seconds.

Source: BBC


Absolute Chad Films Concert on 3DS

Bring Me The Horizon is a loud, shouty rock band that recently toured across the UK. A lot of attendees obviously took photos and filmed footage of the gigs, but one person was spotted using his 3DS to film one of the events.

Now roughly 10 years old, this is almost a testament to how handhelds should be built. Party on tiny 3DS, party on!


Someone Leaked a Tank Design… Again

Back in July we were treated to a hilarious argument on the forums of War Thunder, a free-to-play tank game. It escalated to the point that leaked classified documents were published on the site and the UK’s MoD had to get involved.

Now, several months later, the same thing has happened again, and I found it just as  amusing. The leaked document in this case is part of a French army manual, and the user who posted it is/was apparently a crew member for one of the French Leclerc S2 tanks.

The mods had to get involved again (that’s forum mods not members of the MoD), saying:

“Guys its not funny to leak classified Documents of modern equipment you put the lives of many on stake who work daily with the Vehicles! Keep in mind those documents will be deleted immediately alongside sanctions. Thanks for reading”

I have to disagree, I find it pretty funny every time this happens.


Hopefully your November will be full of fun, frolics, and cake. It’s my birthday next month, so I better get cake. You can check out September’s weird news here - it involved Super Smash Bros. dentistry, finger condoms, and more.

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