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Twitch Alters Refund Policy to Tackle Chargeback Abuse

Twitch Alters Refund Policy to Tackle Chargeback Abuse - News

by Craig Snow , posted 3 days ago / 958 Views

Twitch has amended its refund policy in an attempt to tackle chargeback abuse.

It's quite commonplace for some users to troll streamers by donating large, eye-catching sums of money or subscriptions to them during their live streams, only to later revert the charge and leave those streamers out of pocket.

Everyone still has 24 hours to potentially request a refund, but those who serially abuse the system will likely have their requests denied and may have their accounts suspended:

"When reviewing refund requests, we primarily look at historical refund requests from purchasers’ accounts and actions taken with respect to those requests. Decisions whether to refund a subscription purchase are solely within Twitch’s discretion...

Submitting excessive refund requests or attempting to abuse our refund processes is against Twitch’s policies, and could result in limited access to products or services and/or suspension or termination of your account."

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shikamaru317 (3 days ago)

What kind of sick person actually does something like that? That is nearly as bad as the people who pull up beside a homeless guy who is panhandling on the street, hold money out the window and wait for him to walk over, then speed off at the last second. There are some sick people in this world.

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