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PS5 Probably Won't Get 'Generation Defining Games' Until 2022, Says PlayStation CEO

PS5 Probably Won't Get 'Generation Defining Games' Until 2022, Says PlayStation CEO - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 01 December 2020 / 3,269 Views

The next-generation consoles are now available in most major markets, however, they quickly sold out and are expected be hard to find through early 2021. Sony expects the transition from the PS4 to PS5 to take around three years with more games getting cross-generation releases on the two consoles. 

PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan in an interview with TASS said it takes developers time to get used to the new hardware and that generation defining games likely won't be available until at least 2022. 

"History will tell you that it’s in the second or third year that the developers really hit their stride," said Ryan. "Developers typically need a little bit of time to familiarize themselves [with the hardware].

"But it’s probably 2022 that you’re going to see some wonderful things in the same way that it was 2015 / 2016 for the previous generation, when the generation defining-games started to be published."

Ryan did say that there might be more units available of the PS5 if there was no pandemic this year. 

"In terms of the product and its feature set, no, absolutely not," he said. "The way we took it to market might have been a bit different, but the actual product would have been the same. We might have had a few more to sell, but not very many: the guys on the production/manufacturing side have worked miracles."

Ryan was asked about the console war with Microsoft and he said it is not a term he likes to use and he enjoys having the competition as it makes him work harder. 

"[Console wars] is not a term I ever use or actually like," said Ryan. "For me, it’s great that there’s competition. I think it makes us work harder. It avoids us getting complacent. It’s great that the consumer has a choice. I think that’s wonderful. We’re happy and we’re proud with what we have."

The PlayStation 5 is now available worldwide.

A life-long and avid gamer, William D'Angelo was first introduced to VGChartz in 2007. After years of supporting the site, he was brought on in 2010 as a junior analyst, working his way up to lead analyst in 2012. He has expanded his involvement in the gaming community by producing content on his own YouTube channel and Twitch channel dedicated to gaming Let's Plays and tutorials. You can contact the author at or on Twitter @TrunksWD.

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TallSilhouette (on 19 November 2020)

Knack 3 2022 confirmed.

  • +17
Signalstar (on 20 November 2020)

What terrible PR.

  • +9
Dante9 (on 20 November 2020)

Just common sense, shouldn't be news to anyone. Refreshingly honest, instead of the usual bullcrap.

  • +8
pikashoe (on 20 November 2020)

I miss when generation defining games released as soon as a new console was released

  • +6
Bandorr pikashoe (on 20 November 2020)

And which games were those? Considering the cross-gen nature of games,and how long it takes for developers to get used to new tools and toys - I can name very little next-generation games actually launched in a new console window.

  • -3
Slownenberg pikashoe (on 20 November 2020)

Bandorr, you must be young. Literally every generation used to have generation defining games at launch. Cross-gen only became a thing recently in video game history. Generations used to represent large leaps which is why launch games would be a huge leap over anything before it. Now you've got much smaller incremental steps from gen to gen - like how this gen is all about higher framerates and faster loadtimes lol - so now it takes until devs can max out a system to really see a big leap from gen to gen, also of course combined with the fact that PS/Xbox just do cross gen everything when a new console comes out doesn't help.

  • 0
Bandorr pikashoe (on 20 November 2020)

I asked "which games are those". You gave no examples.

  • 0
pikashoe pikashoe (on 20 November 2020)

Wii sports, Mario 64, halo, super mario bros, rogue squadron 2 off the top of my head

  • +4
Salnax pikashoe (on 21 November 2020)

@Bandorr There have been less mindblowing launch titles with every generation, but if you want a good example look no further than the 6th generation consoles. The Dreamcast had Sonic Adventure, the Xbox had Halo, the PS2 had Dead or Alive 2, and even the GameCube had Pikmin and Super Smash Bros Melee a few weeks after its launch. All of these were highly rated games that blew what was previously available out of the water.

More recently, you have Wii Sports and Twilight Princess on the Wii, Breath of the Wild on the Switch, New Super Mario Bros U on Wii U, Resistance on the PS3, and Uncharted: Golden Abyss on Vita. These would become among the highest rated and/or best-selling games for their respective platforms.

  • +2
TalonMan pikashoe (on 21 November 2020)


  • 0
Immersiveunreality (on 20 November 2020)

Title uses the information a bit out of context imo.

  • +5
sales2099 (on 20 November 2020)

Then what’s 2021 titles then? Implications that none were built from ground up, except Ratchet. Weird PR.

  • +5
freebs2 (on 20 November 2020)

Well, that's a good way to convince me NOT to buy the console. Let's all add the +10$ price increase. They can keep it.

  • +5
160rmf (on 20 November 2020)

Basically when last gen consoles are almost dead and developers are confident enough to skip them. No last gen version to show how insignificant are the upgrade, then 9th gen defining titles!! Big brain time

  • +3
Slownenberg (on 20 November 2020)

ouch. that's pretty much like saying no reason to buy the next gen for at least a year.

  • +2
chakkra (on 20 November 2020)

"History will tell you that it’s in the second or third year that the developers really hit their stride," oh, I'm getting flashbacks from the 20-pages long discussions we had around here a couple of months ago.

  • +2
Cerebralbore101 (on 20 November 2020)

In other words Demons' Souls, Ratchet, HZD2, and Ragnarok are just the warm up!

  • +2
LivncA_Dis3 (on 21 November 2020)

demonz soulz is the start of nxt gen,
a true nxt gen experience even if i dont have a ps5 haha!

  • +1
Podings (on 23 November 2020)

Sony relies on a rather constant supply-demand relationship throughout the life of their systems, so if they can tell the elitists among their fans to wait two years with buying the system, and KNOWING that they still will buy it, it's an excellent position for them.

  • 0
Ryotsu (on 20 November 2020)

Wait for Unreal Engine 5 and Lumen

  • 0
Darwinianevolution (on 20 November 2020)

Why would he say that??

  • 0
DonFerrari (on 20 November 2020)

He isn't lying, but yes he gave ammo for console warriors.

  • 0
Cohh (on 20 November 2020)

Even if we know it's true for most consoles I really don't understand how someone trying to sell a console can actually say this. It's startling how some PR moves can't be so bad

  • 0
KratosLives (on 21 November 2020)

Why don't they give out dev kits much earlier once they ha ve specs in mind, so they get used the hardware much earlier.

  • -1
AFattyGamer (on 20 November 2020)

Mr. Jim Ryan is not doing good by this. This is why PS4 needs no cross gen games it'll only hold the PS5 back :/

  • -1
Bandorr (on 20 November 2020)

2022 seems pretty earlier for generation defining games. I'm already impressed by cross-gens like Spider-man Morales. I can't wait for actual generation defining games.

  • -2
foodfather (on 20 November 2020)

Refreshing honesty from Sony. Anybody approaching this new gen with common sense would have known this. I will enjoy as many PS4 games as I can including the exclusives out in 21/22.

  • -2
LudicrousSpeed (on 20 November 2020)

What weird PR. So either Horizon 2, GT7, R&C, or GoW aren’t amazing games or they aren’t coming until 2022 I guess.

  • -4
160rmf LudicrousSpeed (on 20 November 2020)

It's not about these games being good or not.
When you need to put last gen side by side with a magnificent glass to show the next gen advantages, then yes they are not generation defining titles

  • +3
Bandorr LudicrousSpeed (on 20 November 2020)

Or they are amazing games... and better games are coming after that.

  • -2
ClassicGamingWizzz (on 20 November 2020)

Nice wording in the title lmao ... Vhchartz new section deserve better than this

  • -6