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Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition on Xbox Series S Will Not Support Ray Tracing

Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition on Xbox Series S Will Not Support Ray Tracing - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 27 October 2020 / 994 Views

Capcom announced the Xbox Series S version of Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition will not support ray tracing. The Xbox Series X version will still be getting ray tracing via an update. 

"We’re excited to bring Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series X with high frame rates up to 120 frames per second, enhanced 3D audio, reduced loading times, the Legendary Dark Knight difficulty, Turbo Mode, and playable Vergil on both consoles," said Capcom in a statement.

"Fans playing Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition on Xbox Series X will also experience the game in 4K resolution and with DirectX ray tracing. Both consoles deliver amazing next-generation speed and performance, and while we are just now scratching the surface of what they can do, our teams are eager to continue exploring the full capabilities of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in the future.

"While ray tracing will be available as a downloadable title update on Xbox Series X, Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition will not support ray tracing on Xbox Series S."

Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition will launch for the Xbox Series X and S on November 10 as a digital title, and for the PlayStation 5 on November 12. A physical edition will launch on December 1.

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Mr Puggsly (on 27 October 2020)

Does not make much sense to me. If the Series X can support ray tracing at 4K/30 fps, the Series S should be able to do it at a lower resolution. Either way, the Series S version should still be an upgrade over last gen and apparently supports 120 fps.

  • +2
hunter_alien (on 27 October 2020)

Expected... the S version will always be of lower quality, hence the 300$ pricetag. Still, at 120fps, it should be one fine version.

  • +1
Bandorr (on 27 October 2020)

Wonder if this is related to why Ray Tracing has to be added to the X version later and doesn't come on the disc.
I watched a demo of it on youtube. Ray tracing looks fantastic on it.

  • +1
KratosLives (on 27 October 2020)

Not a game changer yet. When you are moving so fast, I haven't seen anything that stands out that makes it look better in motion, or certainly not anything thaty could be used with current rendering techniques to make reflections and lighting look as believable if they wanted to make it. But it is surprising it isn't running on series s.

  • -1
shikamaru317 (on 27 October 2020)

This reads like laziness to me, Watch Dogs has ray-tracing on Series S, supposedly at 1440p 30 fps, compared to 4K 30 fps on the Series X version. Devil May Cry 5 is also 4k 30 fps with ray-tracing on Series X, so why isn't 1440p 30 fps with ray-tracing or at least 1080p 30 fps with ray-tracing available on Series S?

  • -1
chakkra (on 27 October 2020)

Good. I'm getting sick of this Ray Tracing obsession. There are plenty of other rendering techniques that offer almost the same result and are nowhere nearly as expensive.

  • -3
KratosLives (on 27 October 2020)

True, it's not a game changer and people wouldn't be baying much attention to it. Current rendering techniques allows for near results, though maybe more time consuming, they can make areas really shine if they wanted to.

  • +1