Microsoft to Reveal Xbox Lockhart in August, According to Report

Microsoft to Reveal Xbox Lockhart in August, According to Report - News

by William D'Angelo , posted 4 days ago / 881 Views

Microsoft announced in early May it had plans for Xbox 20/20, a series of monthly moments revealing more details on the Xbox Series X, services and games. The 20/20 event for May focused on third-party titles. However, there has been no event in June. 

The long rumored Xbox Series S, the less powerful next generation console from Microsoft, codenamed Lockhart, was originally planned to get revealed in June at E3 2020, according to sources who spoke with Eurogamer.

However, with E3 cancelled and June nearly over the unveiling has been delayed two months and will now happen in August. Previously Venturebeat's Jeff Grubb reported Microsoft was saving a big June announcement for August. Eurogamer states the reveal will be for the Xbox Series S. 

Microsoft to Reveal Xbox Lockhart in August, According to Report

Possible specs for the Xbox Series S were leaked last week. The Xbox Series X developer kits have a special Lockhart mode that features the performance that Microsoft wants to hit with its second console. 

The next big digital event Microsoft has confirmed is one for sometime in July that will mainly focus on upcoming first-party games for the Xbox Series X. Halo Infinite, the big launch title for the Xbox Series X, will be at the July event.

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method114 (5 days ago)

Interested to see how this strategy works out for them.

KratosLives (5 days ago)

backwards evolution of tech right here. But hey i may just buy it if its cheap so i can play halo and see what the fuss is about.

DonFerrari (5 days ago)

That isn't far away and removes competition from their July reveal of games and still long before launch, seems a very possible month to do it.