Rumor: Bloodborne Remaster Coming to PS5 and PC

Rumor: Bloodborne Remaster Coming to PS5 and PC - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 06 June 2020 / 2,041 Views

A new rumor has surfaced that Bluepoint Games and QLOC, who developed the Dark Souls remaster, are developing a remaster of Bloodborne for the next generation console, the PlayStation 5, and Windows PC. This is according to YouTube channel PC Gaming Inquisition.

The remaster of Bloodborne will feature 4K resolution, 60 frames per second. The Windows PC version will get a release on Steam. While it might seem unlikely a remaster of a PlayStation 4 exclusive would get a release on PC, this wouldn't be the first PS4 exclusive to make the move. Sony earlier this year announced the open-world RPG, Horizon: Zero Dawn, will launch for Windows PC this summer.

The video also makes mention that other PlayStation exclusive games would be getting a release on Windows PC. However, specific titles were not mentioned. 

The upcoming PS5 reveal event, which was recently postponed to an unannounced date, will also give a reveal of a remake of Demon’s Souls, according to the video. 

For now this should be treated as just a rumor until confirmed. Especially, since the video did not want to say who the source was for the information. 

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V-r0cK (on 06 June 2020)

It's things like this that's making me hold back from buying anymore current gen games -_-

Immersiveunreality (on 06 June 2020)

Too much assumptions being made about somthing that is still a rumor.

KazumaKiryu (on 07 June 2020)

The best Souls-Game of all time!

dane007 (on 07 June 2020)

If its real, I hope they fix the frame pacing issue that plagued the ps4 version

Dgc1808 (on 06 June 2020)

Just a rumor but if true, I'm curious to see which version makes more sense for me to buy at release. Biggest factor for me is load times.

KingofTrolls (on 06 June 2020)

For the love of god, why remaster? BC +patch, thats all. BB was in PS Plus on ps4 already. Remake Demons Souls, this will make sense.

khotboat (on 07 June 2020)

Peolpe who had it on ps4 probably get a patch, but for those who buy ps5 and haven't bought the game before, the remastered version is probably for them. Well thats what i hope.

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EnricoPallazzo (on 06 June 2020)

So... you can just unlock the frame rate and resolution and call it a remaster? Cause in theory ps4 should be able to run it much better without the need os a remaster.

jason1637 (on 06 June 2020)

Why isn't it just a backwards compatible update?

HollyGamer (on 06 June 2020)

HD remaster will always be better then BC. Just look at Assassin's Creed 2 HD on XBox One X VS Assassins Creed 2 Xbox 360 running on XBox One X. Or perhaps Bayonetta from Xbox 360 running on Xbox One X VS Bayonetta HD remaster running nativly on Xbox One X.

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PEEPer0nni (on 06 June 2020)

Maybe because i need that 60 fps and xbox updates didn't offer that.

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The Fury (on 06 June 2020)

Remaster a game that still looks fantastic? What are they going to add? More shine on things in a place where it's meant to be dark and dingy.

ClassicGamingWizzz (on 06 June 2020)

Confirmed fake

Cerebralbore101 (on 06 June 2020)


  • +2
dane007 (on 07 June 2020)

If its real, I hope they fix the frame pacing issue that plagued the ps4 version

BraLoD (on 06 June 2020)

Bloodborne remaster right after Demon's Souls Remake? Let DsS get some fucking spotlight, Sony.

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John2290 (on 06 June 2020)

Worst game for a remake or remaster if they want to sell copies, once you play BB once or it looses something that makes it such a great title, novelty.