NES Classic Discontinued Worldwide

NES Classic Discontinued Worldwide - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 18 April 2017 / 9,040 Views

Nintendo of America announced last week it had discontinued the NES Classic in the US and that final shipments of the system will be this month. 

The NES Classic is now confirmed to be discontinued worldwide.


"We can confirm that we are no longer manufacturing the Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System," Nintendo told Eurogamer"If production resumes in the future, an update will be posted on the official Nintendo website."

Nintendo told Siliconera the Famicon Mini, the name of the NES Classic in Japan, has also been discontinued.

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Shadowcat (on 19 April 2017)

Yep smart business decision. They want to sell MODERN GAMES that move MODERN CONSOLES for $300 EACH instead of the classic mini for $60. Also this way the next time their holiday looks slow they'll just release Super Nintendo Mini and everybody will absolutely lose it.

Wiibaron (on 18 April 2017)

Brilliant move for Nintendo. Create an easy to make product out of already paid for R&D[old games]that you know will be easy to sell. Use the factory that is getting slow making your soon to be discontinued[WiiU] product. Make gaggles of profit to pay for your new [Switch] system to be manufactured ahead of its launch. Keep your biggest fans happy as they now have a valuable product that won't ever go down in value. Who is the loser here?

nanarchy (on 18 April 2017)

who are the losers? Shareholders for discontinuing a highly in demand product. people all over the world that were unable to get one as they were sold out from day one till discontinued announcement.

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etking (on 18 April 2017)

Nintendo investors should stop this stupid decision which is burning their money. How can you discontinue a product that sells like hotcakes and generates massive revenue? It is still impossible to buy one in large parts of the world, the demand is huge and each shipment is outsold within a few hours. The person responsible for such a stupid decision should be fired.

nanarchy (on 18 April 2017)

must admit this move has me totally baffled. they could increase price slightly and it would still sell like hotcakes, it is a money printing machine that they are stopping. many of us (myself included) have not been able to get one as they have been constantly sold out and you can only get them from the price gougers online.

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Shadowcat (on 19 April 2017)

[b]Rumour: SNES Mini to Launch Later This Year[/b]

Ganoncrotch (on 18 April 2017)

I've always said, the reason for the NES Mini and the supply "issues" was to get Nintendo potential Nintendo customers to really consider pre order the Switch console so they would guarantee having one around launch, worked fantastically well. Also regarding all the money Nintendo make from these? It's a throw away SOC which they get 60 at the til for, just because scalpers are managing to get idiots on ebay to pay 300+ for them doesn't mean Nintendo are going to breach the RRP x5 just to profiteer on that, there would be outrage.

Dravenet7 (on 18 April 2017)

I knew Nintendo didn't care much for the classic and wanted to phase it out, but the speed they are doing this far exceeded my expectations

Dreamcaster (on 18 April 2017)

What are they doing? This is really bad business...