Rumor: Mighty No. 9 May be Delayed to Summer 2016

Rumor: Mighty No. 9 May be Delayed to Summer 2016 - News

by Jared Katz , posted on 29 April 2016 / 3,921 Views

Once again it looks like Inafune’s spiritual successor to Mega Man, Mighty No.9, is going to be delayed.

Currently the game is slated to release this spring, but an EB Games display has been spotted saying that the game will now be coming this summer.

Mighty No.9's developer Comcept has neither confirmed nor denied the rumor.

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AlfredoTurkey (on 29 April 2016)

By the time it's released, not many people will care anymore.

Luke888 (on 29 April 2016)

I agree, because they will all be dead :p

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greencactaur (on 30 April 2016)

Joke's on you, people stopped caring a while ago!

  • +1
Luke888 (on 29 April 2016)

Plot Twist: NX releases before Mighty No.9

Darwinianevolution (on 30 April 2016)

And it will be delayed again to release it on the NX.

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ktay95 (on 29 April 2016)

Its coming this year?? O_O

axumblade (on 29 April 2016)

Pretty much where i was at..i heard rumors it wasnt going to hit until the end of the year

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KLXVER (on 29 April 2016)

I would be surprised if it didn't get delayed at this point...

Rafie (on 29 April 2016)

Hahaha If this is true....then so help me. This game gets delayed like CRAZY!!!

Ganoncrotch (on 29 April 2016)

considering all people wanted was a clone/sequel to Megaman X lol, how did it take them longer than some AAA titles are in the works to put it together, if there is another PR release blaming "net code" on this delay Imma wet myself laughing.

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naruball (on 01 May 2016)

I don't care how many times it's delayed as long as the final product is good.

thatguymarco (on 29 April 2016)

C'mon, this HAS to be a meme at this point.

Mystro-Sama (on 29 April 2016)

At this point who really cares anymore?

kooltrex (on 30 April 2016)


Nuvendil (on 29 April 2016)

Just spitballin, here, Inafune, but maybe you shouldn't have take on like six or seven projects at once?

Sixteenvolt420 (on 29 April 2016)

Yep, it's one game that i wish i never backed. Wouldn't let us backers upgrade to a physical copy. And it's taking forever. The last time they said it was because of the multiplayer, which i won't even be playing.

SmokedHostage (on 29 April 2016)

I thought it was delayed until December..