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Valve's Steam Controller Final Design Here - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 05 March 2015 / 5,015 Views

Valve has changed their Steam Controller several times over the course of development. The controller has now been finalized. You can see the final version of it below.

The controller still has the two touch pads from the first version of the controller. The left touch pad has a plus shaped marking that looks similar to a d-pad. The right touch pad is blank and will work like a laptop mousepad.

Stream Controller


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Zackasaurus-rex (on 05 March 2015)

So... PC players should still opt for the DualShock 4.

  • +7
Yuseithestarknight (on 05 March 2015)

That "D-pad" there looks weird. That controller just looks weird.

  • +5
grannamir (on 05 March 2015)

Yeahh.... because i love to use touch instead of analog and digital controls, its so.much more "natural" use a flat panel to play. Humph.....

  • +4
spemanig (on 05 March 2015)

That is... Weird.

...I need it.

  • +3
shikamaru317 (on 05 March 2015)

That looks quite a bit better than the original design, quite a bit less chunky, and I like that there's now a left analog stick. I also like that the face buttons have the same colors and letters as the Xbox controller. However, I'm disappointed that the right touch pad is above the face buttons, that goes completely against the muscle memory gamers have built up with Xbox and Playstation controllers. The d-pad is a compromise, they wanted to have a second touch pad, but they also wanted to have a left analog stick, and they could fit a proper D-pad, an analog stick, and a big touch pad all on the left side of the controller, so they combined the d-pad and touchpad. Fortunately the steam controller isn't really designed for games that make heavy use of the d-pad, gamers will still use a standard controller or a fight stick for fighters.

  • +2
ExplodingBlock (on 05 March 2015)

I'm glad the put an actual analog stick on it

  • +2
Scisca (on 05 March 2015)

Hope it works better than it looks

  • 0
b00moscone (on 05 March 2015)

Will the D-Pad bit work like a D-Pad? ...... This controller...

  • 0
binary solo (on 05 March 2015)

The right tough pad is probably slightly better ergonomically placed than the DS4 touch pad. But basically the Steam controller has compromised on actually useful aspects of the modern game controller in order to have 2 touch pads that. Personally I think the number of games that will make effective use of a 2 touch pad UI is limited, and highly unlikely to be a significantly better UI than an analog stick and touchpad. Therefor I think the DS4 is the better designed controller making use of a single touch pad. Though I also recognise that the placement of the DS4 touchpad is such that it will never be used as the main UI for the right hand; so developers will only make use of it in a fairly gimmicky way.

  • -2
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