PlayStation 4 Sales Top 17M Worldwide, Less than 1M Away from 50% Marketshare - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 27 December 2014 / 22,574 Views

Sony's 8th generation home console, the PlayStation 4, has had a really strong holiday season and has had strong sales since it launched in November 2013. The console has set many records and is by far the fastest selling console this generation and only second in gaming history to the Wii.

The PlayStation 4 has now sold more than 17 million units worldwide, with sales of 17.35 million units. The milestone was achieved on the week ending December 13, 2014, where it sold 781,557 units.

The PlayStation 4 for the week sold more than the Xbox One and Wii U combined. Lifetime PlayStation 4 sales is also just 934,016 units away from equaling the combined lifetime sales of the Xbox One and Wii U.


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thismeintiel (on 27 December 2014)

Wouldn't be surprised if after adjustments next year, the PS4 takes 50% marketshare. Pretty interesting that it was able to pull this off in a little over a year, with the Wii U already out for over 2 years and the XBO launching right along side it.

kdognumba1 (on 27 December 2014)

It's crazy to think how much of a turn around the PS4 launch was compared to the PS3. Even Sony was surprised at how much better the PS4 was selling then the PS3. That said, they focused solely on games and played their cards right with smart advertisement and steering clear of the horrible mistakes both Nintendo made when introducing the WiiU and Microsoft made when introducing the XB1. I feel Microsoft and Nintendo really crippled their consoles before they came out where as Sony positioned their console to be about gamers from day 1 with smart marketing and no TV, Sports, or casual stuff in their reveal. It's not "horrible" to have that other stuff on the system but when you reveal a GAME CONSOLE it needs to be about GAMES and aimed to the people that will keep your business going, not people that come and go with whatever fad for an audience that isn't going to keep your business running. To add to that, the reveal can make or break your system.

reptile168 (on 27 December 2014)

It's true, Microsoft did cripple the XB1 the moment they announced "all in one entertainment system" and always ON Kinect. I do, however, think that Sony was lucky for the success they have based on focusing on "games" first motto. Honestly and obviously, they weren't ready for all the "extras" that XB1 provided on Day 1, so they completely played the "hardcore" marketing strategy, and combined with the trouble of XB1 and Wii U, they won their bet.

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kdognumba1 (on 27 December 2014)

Yea, it really was crazy! Sony themselves didn't expect the sales to be as good as they are and it really came down to really good advertisement and the XB1 and WiiU faltering. They rolled the dice and struck gold. It's crazy how much things have changed this gen compared to last. Last gen Wii took off and PS3 was doing catch up to 360 most of the gen. This gen it's the complete opposite with WiiU selling nothing like its predecessor and XB1 playing catch up to PS4. It'll be very interesting to see how this gen evolves.

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reptile168 (on 29 December 2014)

Yeah! Just like PS2 was unstoppable back then, with some bad decisions (such as focusing and forcing blu-ray) it sort of crippled the PS3 at first, but with age and price cuts, PS3 started to gain traction. But I honestly don't think Xb1 can do anything to catch PS4 at this point. The damage is done. They are basically 0 in Japan, and Sony crazily dominates in Europe. The only saving grace for Xbox was US, and this generation, Sony is selling more even in Xbox's own turf.

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ThatDanishGamer (on 28 December 2014)

Still think the real number will be 20 million before the end of 2014 if the outage don't ruin the sales.

quisuis (on 27 December 2014)

MS gaining ground?? BY reduce price of console 3 time now BY giving many game for free to attract user BY making bundle and ready to sell at lost

platformmaster918 (on 27 December 2014)

also they're not. They were outsold worldwide. They made up a good chunk of the gap of 1m in their strongest territory by cutting the price then offering CRAZY bundles during the busy season that basically put the value of the actual system (-cost of games and stuff included) around $200. PS4 had SOME bundles but they were $400 mostly and much more limited and available for less time. Bottom line is Sony was MUCH more profitable and once the price cut effect tapers off we'll be right back to where we were for 10 months. MS can have the holidays if they don't want to make anything during the time you should be cashing in.

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TaMpAbLaCk (on 30 December 2014)

Xbox One is not gaining ground. They are losing it big time. They were within 5 million a month ago now 7+ million behind.

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gtcarro (on 29 December 2014)

PS4 is crushing all competition

Ryng (on 28 December 2014)

That is ridiculus. PS4 have alrealy pass 50% of market. Wii U/XO overtracked and PS4 undertracked confirmed this.

super6646 (on 28 December 2014)

Good, go think that....

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ajsalim123 (on 27 December 2014)

Sony done a Awesome job with the PS4, even though im not to big on their software. I wonder if MS will keep the price cut. I could see Sony running lapses around Nintendo and MS next year also. XB1 sales after it returns to normal price, could help the Wii U pick up some steam. Sony right now is in the drivers seat, easily....

TaMpAbLaCk (on 30 December 2014)

Their software is amazing! Over 400 games out or in development/announced in it's 1st year is unheard of for a console.

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Ninsect (on 28 December 2014)

"and only second in gaming history to the Wii" - actually, it's ahead of Wii

KazumaKiryu (on 28 December 2014)

2015 is the biggest year for gamer with a ps4 : )

platformmaster918 (on 27 December 2014)

Guessing around march. Earlier if MS raises the price again. Xbox only is comparable during the holidays.

TaMpAbLaCk (on 30 December 2014)

Amazing job by Sony! All the negative press from the Sony Pictures crap plus more Hax but people like quality and PS4 is #1 console of all-time by a lot. PS4 is dominating this generation!

Insidb (on 27 December 2014)

Okay, terrific. Now, just get PSN back up and running for me.

Yafea (on 29 December 2014)

Next stop, 20 millions unit!!!

Skratchy (on 30 December 2014)

Microsoft should really consider relying on something else besides Halo, if they want to get back in the game. Aside from Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break, I'm not sure what else they have to offer. I try to keep in mind that plenty of folks went straight from 360 to Xbone because of their gamerscore. I know I would hate to lose my trophy count by switching consoles.

r3tr0gam3r1337 (on 29 December 2014)

well with sales that strong investors in Sony's PlayStation division should now feel very safe with their investment.

NobleTeam360 (on 27 December 2014)

*Assuming VGChartz numbers are correct* TBH it's probably already happened.

KBG29 (on 27 December 2014)

This is a good place to be in, but they are really going to have to fight if they want to keep it this way or gain even more ground. We know the games are coming next year, and services like Music Unlimited, Video Unlimited, Playstation Now, and Playstation Vue put Sony in a very good position from the games and entertainment angle. On the flip side Microsoft is looking to unifiy their products under Windows 10 next holiday, and that could lead to Microsoft Office, Adobe Products, and more productivity apps on XBO. Hopefully Sony is prepaired to counter this in some fashion. Either way you look at it, 2015 and beyond are looking very good for both PS4 and XBO.

lehmmr02 (on 28 December 2014)

See, I think this is where Microsoft is going wrong with the XBO. They are attempting to incorporate too many things into, what's essentially supposed to be, a gaming system. Yes they have done well with many of the video streaming third party apps but Sony has focused specifically in gaming and most importantly the GAMER! Sony's system is nothing but a powerhouse gaming machine with added features for the the gamer. I am pretty sure if Microsoft attempt to incorporate Office products into their console there will be some raised eyebrows. That'll be helpful for those gamers that procrastinate on writing their term papers because they are too busy playing COD!

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zedo0 (on 27 December 2014)

Good on u Sony but need to be fair more agressive in gaining more converts. MIrcosoft is gaining ground.

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loy310 (on 27 December 2014)

7+ million consoles ahead of the microsoft and pulling away. How exactly you figure they are gaining ground???

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COKTOE (on 27 December 2014)

Gaining ground? What month or week was it that the XBO outsold the PS4 globally? It didn't occur. It may have lost by LESS, but even if the PS4 outsold the XBO by one unit, the XBO still lost ground, not gained it.

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darkneal (on 28 December 2014)

Well, It is gaining massively in the US. Look at the figures since black friday. But worldwide, no. Its stopped the PS4 running away with it but i doubt the gap will ever close outside of the US.

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