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PS4 vs Xbox One vs Wii U - USA Launch Sales Comparison - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 13 January 2014 / 29,587 Views

Welcome to a short series of sales articles that will be comparing the launch sales of the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Wii U. The launch sales are aligned and each article will focus on a different region: the USA, Europe and Global.  Once the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launch in Japan a comparison will be done.

PS4 vs Wii vs Xbox One US Launch Sales

In this first article we will be comparing the aligned launches of the three 8th generation home consoles in the USA. The Wii U launched on November 18, 2012, the PlayStation 4 on November 15, 2013, and the Xbox One on November 22, 2013.

The PlayStation 4 had the biggest opening week in the US with sales of 963,127. The Xbox One launched with sales of 652,045 and the Wii U with sales of 421,840.

While the PlayStation 4 launched with more than 300,000 in sales in the first week by week fourth week on sale the Xbox One took the lead. However, in the sixth week the PlayStation 4 retook a slight lead. In the seventh week on sale the PlayStation 4 leads by 75,609.

The Wii U quickly fell off the pace of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.  The Wii U sold less than half of what the PlayStation 4 did opening week and more than 200,000 units less than the Xbox One.  By the seventh week the Wii U has sold less than half of what the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One has sold.

PS4 vs XOne vs Wii U - USA:

PS4 Launch Week Sales: 963,127

Xbox One Launch Week Sales: 652,045

Wii U Launch Week Sales:

PS4 Lifetime Sales: 2,110,633

Xbox One Lifetime Sales: 1,944,688

Wii U Lifetime Sales: 2,086,724


A life-long and avid gamer, William D'Angelo was first introduced to VGChartz in 2007. After years of supporting the site, he was brought on in 2010 as a junior analyst, working his way up to lead analyst in 2012. He has expanded his involvement in the gaming community by producing content on his own YouTube channel dedicated to gaming Let's Plays and tutorials. Outside, in the real world, he has a passion for the outdoors which includes everything from hiking to having received his B.A. in Environmental Studies. You can contact the author at

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late_release (on 13 January 2014)

So basically PS4 outsold the WiiU all time numbers in a month and few weeks

  • +18
DialgaMarine late_release (on 13 January 2014)


  • +2
Aerys late_release (on 13 January 2014)

In europe too. PS4 outsold wii U everywhere it exists

  • +5
FujiokaMidori late_release (on 14 January 2014)


  • 0
NintendoPie (on 13 January 2014)

I agree that the Wii U has sold considerably bad, but acting as if it's sold nothing is just plain cruel!

  • +4
WagnerPaiva NintendoPie (on 13 January 2014)

I think it was 450k, weird, they forgot to put the number on the list.

  • 0
oldbucsfan (on 13 January 2014)

So, looks like the PS4 outsold the Xbox One in the US in 2013. Maybe December as well, but pretty close.

  • +3
ryuzaki57 (on 13 January 2014)

AND PS4/X1 are not even on shelves yet!

  • +2
epyon396 ryuzaki57 (on 13 January 2014)

I don't know where you live, but I'm tripping over Xbox Ones every time I go in a store.

  • +5
Michael-5 (on 13 January 2014)

The fact that PS4 is selling on par to XBO in USA is bad news for XBO in the world market. 360 outsold PS3 2:1 in USA......

Also :-( for WiiU, I'm still getting one, but I'm not expecting to to do anything but sell like another Gamecube.

  • +1
FujiokaMidori (on 14 January 2014)

Add your comment...PS4 Doing great! XOne has overcome a lot of early problems and is also doing great. I'm worried about the Wii U. PS4 Hasn't even launched in Japan. Reminds me how the Saturn sold 80,000 in like 4 months, then PSOne sold 100,000 day one.

  • 0
binary solo (on 14 January 2014)

And people thought WiiU actually got off to a good start? I would like to see an article that compares proportional sales between Wii U and Wii vs proportional sales between PS3 and PS2. Which console between PS3 and Wii U represents the biggest relative fall (fail)? Sure PS3 recovered amazingly mid-late generation, but it was quite a fall from grace in the early days. And PS3 is still only just above 50% PS2, so it's still a relative fail (but only relative to PS2, not relative to any other home console).

  • 0
WagnerPaiva (on 13 January 2014)

How much did the WiiU sell? 450k?

  • 0
CAB1802 (on 13 January 2014)

Poor Wiik U

  • 0
Dragon_King88 (on 14 January 2014)

Wii U is garbage. Bad sales for Bad console is about right. Hopefull Nintendo stop making garbage hardware and start making their great games on real Systems with real online capabilities. Wii U flopping could be the best thing to happen to Nintendo.

  • -1
Shyakugaun (on 14 January 2014)

PS4 released a week early, so the numbers are really even closer than they seem

  • -3
Ganoncrotch Shyakugaun (on 14 January 2014)

what? the ps4 launched a week earlier in US and the X1 launched a week earlier in Europe.

  • 0
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