The VGChartz Gap Charts Monthly Update for August 2010

by Miles Taven, posted on 03 September 2010 / 3,091 Views

Xbox 360 v PS3

Here we have three charts representative of the three main regions tracked by VGChartz, and a global chart which brings all of the data together.  The line on each graph represents the gap in the install base (sales through to consumers), and the title indicates which console is in the lead in the particular region covered.

Americas - X360 continues it's journey to 10 million units over the PS3, and beyond. Given how little damage PS3 slim did to the X360 in Americas, it's unlikely Sony have any aces left up their sleeves that could turn the tide in their favour. It's a difficult task predicting just how well Kinect will do this holiday to appeal to new buyers, however if it's a hit the X360's next goal won't be short of 20 million.

Gap - 9,760,167M - X360

EMEEA - Europe and Others remains the most exciting race between PS3 and X360, due to adjustments favouring the PS3, the gap hasn't grown much beyond last month, however the gap is still below 200k. If the current gap can be maintained over September, with Reach substituting drop off's, they should be at a statistical tie by the start of October. Very exciting start for the holidays! I expect PS3 to quickly take back the lead once GT5 launches, however, will this give the PS3 as sustained a boost as Kinect possibly could?

Gap - 164,195k - PS3

Japan - A similar situation to Americas, except in PS3's favour. It's continuing to outsell X360, but at a much faster rate than previous months. It's also become the number one selling console their in weekly sales for some weeks now, which could possibly be an indicative of Japan holiday numbers.

Gap - 4,172,110 - PS3

Global - Back when the PS3 launched, the gap between the new contender and the X360 was around 5,270,000. After falling below this figure around Jan/Feb earlier this year, the X360 has managed to rise above it. What does this mean? Well, since the Playstation 3 launched, the X360 has sold more consoles. Around 150k roughly. Microsoft are winning the console war for now, but both have their most iconic games releasing, and their own motion control coming up. Things could go any which way this holiday.

Gap - 5,423,562 - X360

Wii V HD - I'll say it now, the Wii now stands little chance of ever reaching 50% marketshare. This month it's seen it's lowest ever weekly sales, has been outsold by the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 on the same week, and hasn't managed first place for 10 weeks now. For a console leader, this is unprecedented. PS3 and X360 are posting hefty gains combined over the Wii, and it's unlikely the Wii is going to slaughter either of the consoles this holiday like past years, let alone combined. The HD gap could rise to over 10 million units this Year. I should add it's gone from almost it's lowest ever gap to it's highest in the space of 8 months.

Gap - 6,343,297

Check back next month to see how the Playstation Move, Halo: Reach and any other unforseen factors have affected the console wars!

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EyeAmTJ (on 04 September 2010)

LMFAO@Thinkin GT5 a racing at that will move PS3 consoles...

CChaos (on 04 September 2010)

I figure Nintendo's next gen will probably take up the HD mantle. It wouldn't be that costly to implement anymore, now that the 360 and PS3 have broken that ground. Ahh, competition though. The best thing in the world. It keeps consoles at a price that we can actually afford to pay without having to pawn off our kidneys for a fix.

Gilgamesh (on 04 September 2010)

Ouch I wonder how bad the Wii/HD gap will be after move/kinect.

iHuGi (on 04 September 2010)

360 will lead Americas by 12-13M by years end.

A Bad Clown (on 04 September 2010)

Dis article iz biassed >:O

Zkuq (on 04 September 2010)

Wii is a fad! No, seriously, it'll be pretty interesting to see how Wii fares after Kinect and Move, as well as 360 and PS3 dropping in price. This is going to be a VERY interesting holiday season.

darthdevidem01 (on 04 September 2010)

tehehehe @ HD vs Wii gap

yo_john117 (on 04 September 2010)

Awesome article.....HD twins are really doing good!