If Games Had Super Easy Mode - News

by VGChartz Staff , posted on 09 July 2010 / 60,834 Views

Why so serious?  BP oil spill got you down?  Scared of that 5.9 earthquake in Los Angeles?  Sad that your real name will be on Blizzard forums now?  Sometimes you just want to see something game-related and kind of funny to lighten your spirits.  CollegeHumor.com has got your back!  Presenting "If Games Had Super-Easy Mode":

Contra, Sonic, Wii Fit Plus, Pac-Man... games just wouldn't be the same without the CHALLENGE, man!  Still, it's kind of fun that we live in a world where such possibilities are, uhh... possible with the wonders of modern technology.

Would you play these?  Admit it: some of you might.

EDIT: Sorry the vid's a little cut off; it won't get any smaller!  You can still enjoy it!

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d21lewis (on 14 July 2010)

It started to get old as it dragged on but I'd still give it a 10/10! That was too funny!!

Serious_frusting (on 13 July 2010)

The MK one owned

Simulacrum (on 13 July 2010)

Its funny since I recently tried to play contra and that frog game with my friend..

mr_capello (on 12 July 2010)

they forgot wipeout autopilot mode :D

pariz (on 12 July 2010)

Oh my god, I really needed to laugh my ass out loud. Thanks!

luvtospooge (on 11 July 2010)

LOL at the Space Invaders, Contra and Pong ones!

spdk1 (on 10 July 2010)

space invaders was the best

MirrorWorld (on 09 July 2010)

"We come in peace" "Yay!" :D

Tuganuno (on 09 July 2010)

That was something XD

r3av3r2k1 (on 09 July 2010)

That was really amazing lol

RCTjunkie (on 09 July 2010)

That was hilarious! I felt so bad laughing at the last one...

NightDragon83 (on 09 July 2010)

Dude, somebody has to make that mod for Duck Hunt!

hunter_alien (on 09 July 2010)

Man this was one of the best CH game related video I had ever seen :-D

Bman54 (on 09 July 2010)

Loved the Space Invaders one.

mysticwolf (on 09 July 2010)

That's why we have the Super Guide!

MrT-Tar (on 09 July 2010)

I liked the battletoads one!

Hephaestos (on 09 July 2010)

9-year old with wheelchair in MK...; umh...

Newcomer156 (on 09 July 2010)

Lolz. I liked the Mario Kart one.