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06/01/91 Tradewest
12/20/91 NCS
02/18/93 Tradewest

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Okay toads! Let's get EVEN! When the evil Dark Queen kidnaps both your best buddy and the best looking girl this side of the Mazallion Star Cluster - what are you gonna do about it? Are you gonna cry? Hide? Call the Starcops? No way! Because you're a BATTLETOAD and BATTLETOADS don't cry, hide or call for help. BATTLETOADS get real MAD - and then they get EVEN! So, strap on your blaster, power-up the Toadster and get on down to the Dark Queen's planet - but, watch out 'toad - this lady's bad, and she's got a whole mess of really nasty surprises lined up for you - like the Psyko Pigs, the Mutant Ratpack, Robo-Manus and the Saturn Toadtrap, to name but a few. You're gonna need all your fighting skills to defeat her - the Battletoad Butt, the Big Bad Boot and the Nuclear Knuckles. Hey, and don't forget to take along the Jet Turbo, the Space Board and the Speed Bike. Because you're gonna need 'em all, 'toad, if you're gonna rescue your friends and get the frog outta there with your green skin intact!

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Shamey posted 13/04/2011, 11:27
Battletoads is hard, can't get past the jetski stage.
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Calmador posted 12/04/2011, 11:38
Loved it!
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postofficebuddy posted 12/11/2010, 03:17
This game caused so much childhood rage.
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Soma posted 23/07/2009, 03:14
This game is truly awesome, the level designs are great and full of imagination. Rare was fantastic in those days.
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joey123 posted 07/12/2008, 01:30
yes i agree, and i beat it!

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Mr.Y posted 07/09/2008, 01:02
Toads are amphibians not reptiles. :|
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