High-Quality Photos of the PS3 Final Fantasy XIII Bundle Leaked - News

by VGChartz Staff , posted on 12 December 2009 / 10,907 Views

We all know Final Fantasy XIII will be HUGE in Japan. We also know that it'll have its own fantastic bundle with a Lightning-themed PS3. Now, we can see what it looks like... and what it contains!

Here's all of it. Are you already drooling over that beautiful White and Pink Slim? or maybe over what sits behind it?


Then here's the box to make you stop.

And its even less exciting back!

By now, you should have stopped.

Just to start again. Thanks to nasty close-up tactics.

So good, you just tried to grab the screen. Admit it!

See you all on Dec.17th.


Update: Here's an unboxing video, just for you!


Source: Kotaku

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Tridrakious (on 17 December 2009)

I want to know if this will launch outside of Japan. I mean the 360 got the Modern Warfare 2 bundle. Which had a special MW2 themed console. Square give PS3 a special edition here in the US.

ocnkng (on 17 December 2009)

Thats awesome!!

rckrz6 (on 13 December 2009)

the white is really ugly

jneul (on 13 December 2009)

this is the sexiest ps3 ever lol

Seraphic_Sixaxis (on 13 December 2009)

I must admit, that looks really good.

Crystalchild (on 13 December 2009)

i'd buy a second PS3 if they release that thing in europe.

Silentium (on 13 December 2009)

Still, the Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3> all

Attoyou (on 12 December 2009)

Wow what a beauty ! im going to try and get one.

WarmachineX (on 12 December 2009)

It only it didnt come with that awful controller we would be in business. The $700+ price tag doesnt help either.

iron_megalith (on 12 December 2009)

TASTY!!!!!! That PS3 is smexy!

Xen (on 12 December 2009)

Gimme that money to import the console, I'll give the box to you for free.

loy310 (on 12 December 2009)

I'd pay $400 for the box alone.

Xen (on 12 December 2009)

You'd disagree? I'd say these photos are well done.

Vexxmania (on 12 December 2009)

It's times like these when I wish I lived in Japan :(

thecoo1est (on 12 December 2009)

I'm assuming when you said high-quality you were joking? The bundle looks great though I love the white, is the top of the slim glossy???

FonzGemini (on 12 December 2009)

What could the second disc be?

yipee (on 12 December 2009)

Give me a plain white PS3 and i would buy another one.

GameAnalyser (on 12 December 2009)

WlzarDE...yeah...and the pretty console?

WIzarDE (on 12 December 2009)

I love the boxart ! But the ps3 looks really ugly to me and the controler just looks wierd

lilwingman (on 12 December 2009)

good lord. sexy piece of hardware. i wish i could trade my 60 gig for one.

NoCtiS_NoX (on 12 December 2009)

I hope there will be an asian version with english subtitle so I won't wait for the english version that long. :-D

NeoMatrix (on 12 December 2009)

I like golden one more. This one nice too.

GreyianStorm (on 12 December 2009)

I've never even played a Final Fantasy game (I just can't stand RPGs), but that thing looks beautiful. It's GLORIOUS!

rafichamp (on 12 December 2009)

Man o man will this move hardware

Xen (on 12 December 2009)

"Womanly"? Hottest non custom console ever.

TheTruthHurts! (on 12 December 2009)

That looks sick, me want.....me likey!

dsister44 (on 12 December 2009)

I want that PS3. I don't like the ugly black one. It is the only console that doesn't match my other ones.

chriscox1121 (on 12 December 2009)

boxart is cool, but the PS3 is ugly

Rawnchie14 (on 12 December 2009)

@ loy310 Not the first game to get it's own PS3. What about the RE5 PS3? Final Fantasy Advent Children? Yakuza 3? The Gunmetal MGS4 PS3? First slim at least. This console is womanly though, too bad.

otoniel (on 12 December 2009)

this is awesome gonna be huge in japan

Lostplanet22 (on 12 December 2009)

I like it, it matches good with my girlfriend.

Smashed (on 12 December 2009)

OMG! <3

sully1311 (on 12 December 2009)


kowenicki (on 12 December 2009)


Ice2Dragon (on 12 December 2009)

I hope sony does some PS3 bundle like this for America..

Gilgamesh (on 12 December 2009)

@htown4life, wow you played the game already lucky you...

ChrisIsNotSexy (on 12 December 2009)

Simply EPIC

peterch (on 12 December 2009)

looks sweet....

sjhillsa (on 12 December 2009)

@Silentium - Correct, only PS3 for FFXIII in Japan. Looks great, if I had the money I would pick one of these up!

htown4life (on 12 December 2009)

that thing is horrible & so is the game

Carl (on 12 December 2009)

Love it. Lots!

loy310 (on 12 December 2009)

WOW, the game will be soo big that you just might need to deddicate an entire PS3 to it... lol

Silentium (on 12 December 2009)

Ok I just realized, why it says olny on playstation... Because they aren't releasing the 360 version in Japan, right? Hell, they should just cut the Europe/USA 360 versions, too. x)

jonager (on 12 December 2009)

how come everytime somethings supposed to be secret, it gets leaked on internet

Silentium (on 12 December 2009)

Very beautiful bundle and I enjoyed reading the article, too! :) Btw: 1. Are they releasing two different covers in Japan or does one of them contain the 'Making of DVD' or something else? 2. Why does it say 'only on Playstation'?

Xen (on 12 December 2009)

Huge thanks, darth ;)

hunter_alien (on 12 December 2009)

A real beauty :-)

darthdevidem01 (on 12 December 2009)

@xen I did, but this is FF13 I need to act madly hyped alll the time BTW once again I commend you in your article writing skills, it was funny & a nice read....I always feel like reading your articles, as your written bits are funny & entertaining! keep it up!

qmoney88 (on 12 December 2009)

As soon as one is on ebay, im buying it hands down. I already have two, but I want this so bad that I dont really care.

Red4ADevil (on 12 December 2009)

Damn japan gets more thigh too.

spartan004 (on 12 December 2009)

@Gahzi4 It's a playstation exclusive in Japan

Xen (on 12 December 2009)

Not multiplat in good ol' Japan.

Ghazi4 (on 12 December 2009)

omg soooooooo nice :D im getting h**** lol u shud know that since u all got dirty minds too xD but guys how come it says only on playstation?? isnt it multiplat?? lol

Xen (on 12 December 2009)

Darth, did you not see one before?

darthdevidem01 (on 12 December 2009)


ps3_jrpg_gamer (on 12 December 2009)

i want one so much this is the best bundle ever created

chazy13 (on 12 December 2009)

looks like a nice bundle , i really like the look of the white ps3 controller , it reminds me of the ps1 controlller

kunaixhaku (on 12 December 2009)

i was wondering that too what are the two disks? soundtrack? or something??

coolestguyever (on 12 December 2009)

Wow that's a sexy console. I like my slim though.

CGI-Quality (on 12 December 2009)

Having just acquired a Black, 250GB Slim, I must say they are making me VERY jealous. For those of you who don't have a Slim yet, the system is so sexy, let me tell you. It, in white, would just be the icing on the cake!

Xen (on 12 December 2009)

Black and Silver/White wouldn't be so bad when I think about it.

kingofwale (on 12 December 2009)

for once, I actually like Pink design. I would pick it up if it comes to Canada, I wouldn't mind another console for my bedroom.

Xen (on 12 December 2009)

I can't say why there are two... someone to enlighten us?

iLLmaticV3 (on 12 December 2009)

White and Pink. Beautiful.

gurglesletch (on 12 December 2009)

Weird. I would want that in black

Xen (on 12 December 2009)

With a console that beautiful, would you need anything else?

Gilgamesh (on 12 December 2009)

What are the two disks?

ruimartiniman (on 12 December 2009)

White and pink? No other colors?

donsterydo2 (on 12 December 2009)

Very nice.

Simulacrum (on 12 December 2009)

Aaa.Thats hot.