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The Outer Worlds Headed to Switch in 2020

The Outer Worlds Headed to Switch in 2020 - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 01 November 2019 / 1,188 Views

Obsidian Entertainment’s The Outer Worlds is available now for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC. The developer has announced via a press released the game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2020. 

“When we set out to create a new RPG universe for players to explore, meaningful player choice was at the core of everything we wanted to build,” said Tim Cain, co-game director at Obsidian. “The Outer Worlds is our love letter to fans who want to role play as any character they’d like, whether it’s a hero, a villain, or even Leonard Boyarsky.”

Co-game director at Obsidian Leonard Boyarsky added, “Player choice in The Outer Worlds extends beyond the decisions players will make narratively, it applies to how players approach the gameplay as well. It was important for us to create an experience where players can not only enjoy shooting their way through the game with a bunch of crazy science weapons, but also have an equally enjoyable experience if they opt to avoid combat by focusing on dialogue or stealth. No matter what your play style, even if it’s ridiculous as how Tim Cain plays, there’s a great way to experience The Outer Worlds.”

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method114 (on 29 October 2019)

Amazing news. The Switch just needs a trophyachievement system I wish so badly Nintendo would implement this.

Nogamez (on 29 October 2019)

Why did this comment get so much hate? Its just a guy saying he wants trophies.......

  • +1
method114 (on 30 October 2019)

It's ok I expected it. People hate hearing that when it comes to Nintendo and I don't know why. I love the switch, I love what Nintendo did here with the docking system. In fact I wish it was standard across the board with all consoles. I want to be able to take all my games with me. The achievementtrophy thing is just one of those topics that a lot of Nintendo fans dont want to hear.

  • +1
VAMatt (on 29 October 2019)

I doubt that MS would allow the port to happen if they weren't confident it will be great. I'm sure they want to improve the reputation of XB Game Studios, as they're certainly investing heavily in that part of their business. Plus, it looks like they want to put their games on other platforms, and a shity port certainly wouldn't help that process along.

OTBWY (on 29 October 2019)

I wonder how it will hold up performance wise. Either way, it's awesome to have a fall out like game on the Switch.

INCITATUSBR (on 29 October 2019)

great surprise!