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Xbox Game Pass Subscribers Are Playing 40% More Games

Xbox Game Pass Subscribers Are Playing 40% More Games - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 01 November 2019 / 1,502 Views

ID@Xbox lead Agostino Simonetta speaking with GamesIndustry in an interview revealed that Xbox Game Pass subscribers are playing 40 percent more games. The figure includes games not on the Game Pass subscription service.

"People that join the subscription are way more engaged," said Simonetta. "Well, they have a lot of free games to play -- but actually they're way more engaged outside the subscription. They go out to stores and buy more games than they did before they joined."


Simonetta said that 91 percent of Xbox Game Pass subscribers have played a game they would not have tried without the service. Subscribers are playing 30 percent more genres than they did before joining. 

"If you look at the video subscription service, you go in for the blockbuster and then you spend hours watching documentaries or stand-up comedy," he said.

"We see Game Pass as an opportunity to broaden the horizon of the fans, so they're going to go and discover that, 'In ten years, I've never played a horror game, but guess what? I tried one and now I'm developing a taste for the genre.'"

"For us, there's no genre that is not relevant because we really want to offer a great menu where customers can decide, 'You know what? I want to try something new,'" he added.

The average usage for all titles in Xbox Game Pass has increased an average six times, revealed Simonetta.

"We're seeing a massive spike in certain categories, but generally when a title goes into Game Pass, we see an average of six time increase in usage for all the games in the Xbox Game Pass catalogue," he said.

"We're leading on subscription, developers are going on the journey with us and we're seeing them publicly commenting... the Afterparty team the other day said after seeing their game go on Game Pass day and date, suddenly they were seeing a lot of sales on other platforms. No More Robots said when Descenders went into Game Pass from Xbox Game Preview, they saw a positive impact on other platforms."

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VAMatt (on 19 October 2019)

I'm glad to hear positive Gamepass news. But, since this comes from the company behind the service, it must be taken with several grains of salt.

trunkswd (on 19 October 2019)

As an Xbox Game Pass subscriber I've tried out many games I wouldn't have if I wasn't a subscriber. I was going to wait until The Outer Worlds was half off before purchasing it, but since it is on Game Pass I'll be playing it day one.

  • +7
VAMatt (on 19 October 2019)

Yes. It also stands to reason that people that have access to more games, and games that they may not have otherwise played are now playing more games and games that they may not have otherwise played. I actually haven't made very good use of my game pass subscription. But, I got three years of it for about $160 total by maxing out my Xbox live account and upgrading for $1. So, it was a no-brainer at that price point. I know a lot of other people did the same. What will really be interesting is how many of those people continue subscribing when they have to pay full price. I had been thinking about it for months. But, I may not have actually taken the plunge until Halo next year, were it not for the great deal.

  • +4
trunkswd (on 19 October 2019)

I had already maxed out my Xbox Live Gold subscription to 3 years thanks to Microsoft Rewards, so I was able to get 3 years of Game Pass Ultimate for $1. Felt like I was almost stealing from Microsoft. I know I'll keep my subscription going forward as long as it keeps getting first-party games day one.

  • +2
Zenos (on 19 October 2019)

This sounds like PR speak with not much credibility, possibly used as a commercial to both consumers and developers.

JRPGfan (on 19 October 2019)

because right now its the hardcore gamer thats makeing use of game pass... these are the people that play alot of games. They all took that 1$ pr year trick, to get like 3 years worth of subscription for game pass. Losses from Gamepass must be huge (compaired to just selling a copy of the game).

Azzanation (on 19 October 2019)

You can buy the games off GamePass with discounts. So they will make there money off that. The trick to marketing is getting more gamers to play games, the more that play the more chance you got in selling the actual games. A lot of GamePass members are playing games they wouldn't have thought about before, so there is an extra chance on making sales for games that weren't even in there line of sight.

  • -1
Tridrakious (on 21 October 2019)

Well, when your base built up and got in on $1, I would say, duh...