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Frogger in Toy Town Hops Its Way on Apple Arcade

Frogger in Toy Town Hops Its Way on Apple Arcade - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 20 September 2019 / 919 Views

Konami has released Frogger in Toy Town for Apple Arcade.

View the launch trailer below:

Here is an overview of the game:

Toppling blocks, falling books… Things that seem unimportant to humans can pose great danger in the frog world…

Frogger is back! The classic frog-action game returns on Apple Arcade with an all-new look and the same simple gameplay. Guide the iconic amphibian forward as you evade the numerous obstacles in your path!

Key Features:

  • Simple tap and swipe controls!
  • Playable in both landscape and portrait screen-modes!
  • Over 400 pieces of furniture and other items ensure that stages are never dull!
  • Customize Frogger with over 20 different costumes!
  • Various missions give stages added replay value!


One stormy night, a tornado swept through a quiet residential neighborhood, scooping up the city’s trash and trees, as well as some poor, unsuspecting froglets.

Frogger, who managed to shelter from the storm inside his den, is asked to help save the froglets, who have been left stranded inside human houses. The houses may be filled with danger, but Frogger is the only one who can rescue the froglets. It’s time to take that first hop and begin your adventure!

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Ganoncrotch (on 21 September 2019)

Awwww yeah, it's got Frogger on it? Imma go buy a 1000e iPhone right now so I can.... oh... wait or I can continue to use my 100e Android phone and spend the remaining 900 on a Switch and 600e worth of games for it, actual games like BOTW, Doom2016, Wolfenstein, Ody, this service should be DoA

Cerebralbore101 (on 20 September 2019)

Seriously? So we're making articles out of the launches of mobile games now? I know it's Frogger, but still. This is like making an article out of the next candy crush game. For real?

think-man (on 20 September 2019)

It's for Apple Arcade, not really run of the mill mobile games.

  • +1
Cerebralbore101 (on 20 September 2019)

Being on apple arcade is an arbitrary difference. If Candy Crush comes to apple arcade will that get an article too? Some game launches and updates are important news. I appreciate those. But this just isn't news worthy. Neither is a game making the top of the charts in some random country with less than 3% of the global market. All it does is bury the quality content put out by reviewers, and other writers. It's just frustrating to see a review or other articles that somebody spent days on bumped off the front of the site by twelve effortless, insignificant William D. Angelo articles.

  • 0
Tridrakious (on 20 September 2019)

Just need to call down. This site is establishing new content left and right. There really isn't a need to attack someone who is working hard to bring new substance to VGC when he could just say screw it and leave.

The site needs the efforts of all the current writers to get people checking the site out and drive as revenue.

  • +1
Cerebralbore101 (on 20 September 2019)

Working hard? Most of the articles on this site can be written in 30 seconds or less. People won't come to the site if it's filled to the brim with low effort irrelevant news articles.

  • 0
think-man (on 20 September 2019)

Country with 3% of the worlds gaming population interests me. That happens to exactly where I am from. Don't speak for everyone, there's a whole world outside of America.

  • 0
Cerebralbore101 (on 20 September 2019)

Believe it or not but I do want sales data from the whole world. I just don't want that data divided up into fifteen different articles. it's an accessibility and website usability issue. It makes it harder to access the data, because it is divided up into fifteen different links. It buries other articles, making those articles harder to find on the site. Likewise I don't want to start seeing NA sales data divided up by states in the USA, or even by countries in NA. It's just a tacky way to run a website, that inconveniences everyone.

  • 0
Cerebralbore101 (on 20 September 2019)

An article each for NA sales data, EU sales data, Asia sales data, and rest of the world sales data would be enough. Just saying.

  • 0
Tridrakious (on 21 September 2019)

They allow for people to pinpoint the area they want to see. Instead of having 15 regions mixed in and lost in one article, people can see exactly what they want to see by searching for it.

It's not difficult to look through articles and every type and style of article helps attract people to the site. I'm glad they are doing bite sized and full meal content.

  • -1