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Pokemon Sword & Shield Won't Let You Transfer Every Pokemon From Previous Games

Pokemon Sword & Shield Won't Let You Transfer Every Pokemon From Previous Games - News

by Thomas Froehlicher , posted on 13 June 2019 / 1,464 Views
Japanese news site Hachima Kiko has picked a rather shocking detail concerning Pokemon Sword & Shield. During the Treehouse live dedicated to the game at E3 2019, director Masuda revealed that the pokemon that can actually appear or be brought to the game via Pokemon Home or Pokemon Bank are limited to the ones that will be present in the Galar region pokedex (around minute 25 in the video).
In short, not all of the 800 pokemon will be transferable to Pokemon Sword & Shield.
pokemon sword shield
Masuda explained that with the series transitioning to the Nintendo Switch, pokemon modeling, rendering, and animation has become richer and more complex. Given the large number of species and limited time allowed for development, the team decided to opt for a limited number of pokemon that will best fit Sword & Shield.
Furthermore, this is a general policy taken by Game Freak from now on, so Galar's pokedex likely will not be completed later on. The exact number of pokemon hasn't been specified but the developers are attempting to reassure fans by saying that Pokemon Sword & Shield has "plenty of content already".

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Barkley (on 13 June 2019)

"pokemon modeling, rendering, and animation has become richer and more complex." Pokemon makes a bajillion dollars, and these models can be used in Pokemon Go, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Pokemon Let's Go, Pokemon Remakes... basically every single pokemon game can utilise the same 3d models for years to come, so hire some people to actually make them and get it done. Instead of sitting on millions and complaining about not having enough time, hire more people.

hunter_alien (on 13 June 2019)

Don't care myself, but considering that Pokemon Bank is a payed system, this sucks for people who relied on this. Also, expensive modeling? Come on, this is Gran Turismo 5 all over again with the premium and basic models. This should not be a problem, especially considering how basic Pokemon models look.

curl-6 (on 13 June 2019)

I may get crucified for this, but at some point surely it becomes unviable to have all fifty gajillion Pokemon in every new game.

COKTOE (on 13 June 2019)

I don't understand all this blowback, because I've never played a Pokemon game, but if you get to -10, I'll join the mob and downvote you. I have to look out for family.

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Nuvendil (on 13 June 2019)

A reasonable statement, but if Pokemon Company didn't want this expectation, they shouldn't have cultivated it over the course of 8 generations of games. They could have set this standard back in the earlier times. It's not like this was unforeseeable.

So while I am much more understanding of the workload than most, I sympathize with those who have this expectation because Gamefreak cultivated that expectation.

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NobleTeam360 (on 13 June 2019)

Yeah I agree. I'm still looking forward to this game very much.

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KLAMarine (on 13 June 2019)

I agree. Still, they should find some way to return some of the more popular Pokemon.

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Mystro-Sama (on 13 June 2019)

This is a big oof on Nintendo's part. I wonder how this will affect sales.

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Oneeee-Chan!!! (on 13 June 2019)

Hachima is well known as Nintendo hate news in Japan. Hey VGC, you need stop the biased coverage.

Barkley (on 13 June 2019)

It's not bias, it's reporting a fact. You can't just see a single negative Japanese article and claim Bias or Racism, there have been over 50 articles about Japanese games in the past couple of days and this is the only negative one. Look at the good and bad instead of focusing on the extreme minority of bad.

  • +9
Darwinianevolution (on 13 June 2019)

But Masuda said that exact same thing as well, it's confirmed by the creators...

  • +7
CGI-Quality (on 13 June 2019)

Oneeee-Chan!!! has been moderated.

  • +8
Mystro-Sama (on 13 June 2019)

Does that make the article a lie?

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