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Call of Duty 2019 is a

Call of Duty 2019 is a "Soft Reboot" Entitled Modern Warfare - News

by Adam Cartwright , posted on 24 May 2019 / 1,560 Views

Multiple videogame industry sources, including Eurogamer and Jason Schreier from Kotaku, are reporting that this year's Call of Duty title will be entitled Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and will act as a "soft reboot":

This isn't to be confused with the original entry in the sub-series which was called Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, although it seems with such a naming structure confusion is inevitable.

The game is to be helmed by Infinity War, the studio responsible for the original trilogy who most recently worked on Infinite Warfare in 2016. It is due to be formally announced by the end of June.

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DialgaMarine (on 24 May 2019)

I would ask “what were they thinking?”, but I just don't care enough. They can call it whatever the hell they want.

shikamaru317 (on 25 May 2019)

At least it's better than Modern Warfare IIII, like Black Ops IIII last year.

teamsilent13 (on 25 May 2019)

No, that would have been a hilarious name. Activision were the idiots that demanded the number at the end of COD 4 instead of just calling it Modern Warfare like Infinity Ward wanted. They should lie in the bed they made. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare IIII it is lol

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Heavenly_King (on 25 May 2019)

That is more Remake than a reboot.

John2290 (on 26 May 2019)

They don't wanna fuck up and can't read the audience anymore. Thin ice and they know it.

COKTOE (on 25 May 2019)

Well, the 2019 movie starring Sam Jackson called Shaft, which is a sequel to the 2000 movie starring Sam Jackson called Shaft is a thing. https://i.imgur.com/fDLfM20.gif

TallSilhouette (on 24 May 2019)

Modern 4fare

Eric2048 (on 24 May 2019)

Call of Duty 24: Modern Warfare 1-2

Bristow9091 (on 24 May 2019)

I mean... sure? o.O