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Division 2 Misses Console Sales Targets, Sold 10 Times More On UPlay Than the First Game

Division 2 Misses Console Sales Targets, Sold 10 Times More On UPlay Than the First Game - News

by Patrick Day-Childs , posted 3 days ago / 1,351 Views

During an earnings call Ubisoft revealed that The Division 2 has sold ten times more copies on its UPlay store than the first Division, no doubt in large part due to Ubisoft turning away from Steam in favour of the Epic Store and UPlay, but that PC sales overall are flat.

However, Ubisoft failed to meet its sales targets on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Chief financial boss Frederick Dugue said that "The Division 2 ended up short of our ambitious expectations on console. We believe this was due in large part to a more competitive market than expected." 

He didn't expand on this to say which rival games took them by surprise, nor did he say what the company's original sales expectations were, but Ubisoft is hopeful that strong player engagement statistics will ensure the title has a bright future.

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hunter_alien (3 days ago)

Yeah. Division 2 was a half-assed sequel to an already letdown first entry. What where they expected? I mean damn, it's as bland as games get these days.

WingZero (3 days ago)

I got the first one on a Steam sale for $19, and feel it wasn't worth that. I'm not going out of my way to play the second one. And of course this one would sell more on UPlay. Nobody wants anything to do with Epic. So since it isn't on Steam, people will get it on UPlay. Probably Ubi's plan all along. People buy on UPlay and Ubi makes way more money off the game (cutting out the middle man).

Chazore (3 days ago)

Got it myself for cheap last year, and it honestly just played out like a typical grindy MMO game, only with bullet sponge enemies and a ton more fetch quests. Definitely not worth the praise it gets, let alone the price tag.

Also glad to know someone else has caught onto the Epic deal, driving more to their own client idea. I thought I was the only one who noticed this.

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Mr Puggsly (2 days ago)

Well the first game sucked. The missions are repetitive, running around the world laborious and difficulty was horribly balanced. I wanted to like the game and it could have been better with simple rebalancing and more fast traveling. So am I surprised the sequel did worse? Absolutely not.

StriderKiwi (3 days ago)

The sequel's actually a huge improvement but I'm not surprising by the lower sales. First game had overblown hype just like Watchdogs, which many say the sequel was way better, yet it sold far worse. Publishers need to stop taking advantage of consumers good will.

Heavenly_King (3 days ago)

I will buy it later down the year :)

Chazore (3 days ago)

I like how big of a deal they make for their horrible web based client (with very little 3rd party library support I might add), but at the same time time, they're basically stating the 2nd game sold poorly than the first. The game's done bad Ubisoft. A client spin isn't going to magically make things better.

Stefan.De.Machtige (3 days ago)

I thought it could have done well. The first game got back some decent good PR when updates improved it a lot. It looks like those were a bit too late so salvage the IP. Oh well, their own fault for launching the first game as it was :-P.