Rumor: Xbox One S All-Digital Edition to Launch May 7 in Europe for €229 - VGChartz
Rumor: Xbox One S All-Digital Edition to Launch May 7 in Europe for €229

Rumor: Xbox One S All-Digital Edition to Launch May 7 in Europe for €229 - News

by William D'Angelo , posted 6 days ago / 1,571 Views

More information on the rumored disc-less Xbox One S console has appeared online. The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition will launch in Europe on May 7 for €229.99, which suggests a $249 price in the US. The console will include a 1TB HDD. 

The console will come pre-installed with MinecraftSea of Thieves, and Forza Horizon 3.

Thanks WinFuture.

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shikamaru317 (6 days ago)

Suicide price if true. The standard Xbox One S also costs $230/ €230 and you get a 4K blu-ray player and a bundled game. This thing should have been price at $150 if they wanted it to sell.

trunkswd (6 days ago)

I was expecting a price of $199 with discounts during the holiday season. I agree $249 is a bit too much even though it comes with 3 games.

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Pemalite (6 days ago)

Does the standard Xbox One S @ $230 also come with a 1 Terabytes worth of spinning rust or 500GB though?

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shikamaru317 (5 days ago)

@Pemalite Yep, all Xbox One S bundles are 1 TB now. For instance I see a 1TB XB1 S NBA 2K19 bundle right now for $220 on Amazon, white the 1 TB Battlefield V bundle is $230, and the Minecraft Creator's bundle is $214. This price is definite suicide if the rumor is true.

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Bandorr (6 days ago)

I assume the advertisement will be "pay more, get less". You are paying more for an xbox that will have less features.

Manlytears (6 days ago)

$249!? If true it will flop, not enough for dropping Disc drive.

Ganoncrotch (6 days ago)

It's already possible to find the Xbox1S cheaper than this with the disk tray intact and people aren't biting on that, what would the appeal be of the system in this format? other than the included 3 games I mean... they could just equally pre load the files for Fortnite onto it and would make it more appealing today since that's a free game and kids might poke parents to get the game with it all ready to play (although you need xbox live gold to play on the X1...)

Random_Matt (6 days ago)

Can always find one under £190 UK. MS have lost it game wise and now price wise.

thismeintiel (6 days ago)

What a horrible price, if true. And those games cost nothing for MS to put on it. Should have thrown in a 2-4 TB HDD to justify that price. They're going to need it. 1 TB fills up quick.

Cerebralbore101 (6 days ago)

Retailers aren't going to want to sell this. They make their money off disks not console sales. Consumers won't want to buy it, because the standard XB1 is $250. And around the holidays many retailers will offer a free game with the purchase of a console anyway.

ThatDreamcastTho (6 days ago)

I was expecting a $99 price point if they wanted to actually gain a little market share. I guess this is just a cash grab for people who are already XBox people.

Ganoncrotch (6 days ago)

Just gonna point out as well, that one of the "Free" games with this, Sea of Thieves, is completely useless unless you buy a sub to Xboxlive gold. Means that to make use of this less than stellar price you also need to drop another £50 to play the 3rd game.

Bandorr (6 days ago)

Two of those three are on game pass. The NEWER version of the other one is already on game pass.
So it feels like a $10 bundle that requires another $60 to use it.

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chakkra (6 days ago)

I really hope this is not the real price of it.

Megiddo (6 days ago)

Oh wow, that's a hilarious price. Guess Microsoft only expects to sell very little of these disc-less consoles.

V-r0cK (6 days ago)

LOL if this is true xD

Liquid_faction (6 days ago)

Finally, I can get another expensive doorstop.

Ganoncrotch (6 days ago)

this one is missing the little trash slot at the front :(

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RedKingXIII (6 days ago)

Guess this really is a SAD edition.

Goddbless (5 days ago)

I like what you did there!

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Azzanation (6 days ago)

Way too expensive, but like most companies do, you start high and work your way down. I can see this price being adjusted shortly after launch to see what sticks.

Tridrakious (6 days ago)

So, has Microsoft made a profit on Sea of Thieves...