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Resident Evil 2 Leon ’98 and Claire '98 DLC Costumes and The Ghost Survivors Mode Announced

Resident Evil 2 Leon ’98 and Claire '98 DLC Costumes and The Ghost Survivors Mode Announced - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 22 January 2019 / 1,012 Views

Capcom has announced two new costumes for Resident Evil 2 - Leon ’98 and Claire '98. The publisher also announced The Ghost Survivors mode will be available post launch as a free update.


Read the information below:

Leon ’98 and Claire ’98 Costumes:

Users who purchase a Resident Evil 2 original design Japanese PlayStation Store card, which will be released in limited supply, will receive the bonus “Leon ’98” and “Clare ’98” costumes. Everyone else will be able to download the costumes free of charge starting March 22.

The Ghost Survivors:

“The Ghost Survivors” is a new game mode that will be released asa a free update. In it, players will be able to enjoy a “what if?” side story where three sub-characters (the mayor’s daughter, Robert Kendo, and a mysterious U.S.S. member) did not suffer at the hands of misfortune. New enemies specifically created for this mode will also appear.

Resident Evil 2 will launch for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC on January 25, 2019.

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V-r0cK (on 22 January 2019)

That Ghost Survivors sounds like a nice feature. I dont think I can play as the '98 characters in this game, itll just throw me off as it doesn't fit with the rest of the setting (it being remade and all) but still nice to have. Nice free stuff Capcom!

Hiku (on 22 January 2019)

If they had just updated the 98 Claire model with modern graphics, I would have used it as my default Claire skin when playing through her campaign. The Ghost Survivors mode sounds interesting. I'm a sucker for alternate story routes in these type of games.

Chazore (on 22 January 2019)

I'll be looking forward to the GS content, but as for the 98 costume DLC, solid pass. I'm not waiting till March to replay the game all over again to view a few aged polygon models. Timed exclusivity sucks, especially with story based content. If I was a speed-runner I'd be fine with it, but I play Resi games for the stories, not hundreds of playthroughs.