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Devil May Cry 5 Gets $8,000 Edition in Japan

Devil May Cry 5 Gets $8,000 Edition in Japan - News

by Craig Snow , posted on 22 October 2018 / 1,593 Views

Capcom has unveiled a headline-grabbing Ultra Limited Edition for Devil May Cry 5 in Japan. 

The bundle includes a copy of the game for either the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, a changeable box art, and a leather replica of any of the three main characters' jackets. All for the modest sum of between 600,000 Yen (for V's jacket) and 900,000 Yen (Dante's jacket). The latter converts to roughly $8,000.

Below are images of the three different jackets.

V's jacket:

Nero's jacket:

Dante's jacket:

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JON0 (on 23 October 2018)

We've seen crazier special editions. Look at Dying light, what was that again? $386,000? Okay..

ARamdomGamer (on 23 October 2018)

Thanks Capcom

Ganoncrotch (on 23 October 2018)

for the same money you could buy a cheap leather jacket.... and a motorbike to wear it on.

SuperNintend0rk (on 22 October 2018)

Damn that's an insane amount of money for a novelty jacket!

Chazore (on 22 October 2018)

Doubt it's more premium that Gucci either.

Azzanation (on 23 October 2018)

Be cool if it included the entire outfit, i could see some cosdresser buying this and show casing it off at some cos play event.. but just the Jackets? No weapons or anything else with it? Hmm.

Mystro-Sama (on 22 October 2018)

This is pretty cool but that price though.

SecondWar (on 22 October 2018)

Who would be crazy enough to buy a game for that amount?

Liquid_faction (on 22 October 2018)

Aren't there people in Japan that would gladly pay $100k a year just to get their digital waifu in a phone game?

  • +2
Rob5VGC (on 22 October 2018)

@Liquid_faction Yes. Because that actually makes sense. The waifu game is no joke.

  • 0