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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV Information Released

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV Information Released - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 26 April 2018 / 1,090 Views

Falcom has released new information of The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV ~The End of Saga~


Read the information below:

■ Characters

Emma Millstein (voiced by Saori Hayami)

A talented young woman, Emma is a member of the ancient Hexen Clan of witches, and the former president of Class VII.

When she was a student, she and her familiar, a black cat named Celine, supported Rean as the guide of the Awakener of the Ashen Knight while searching for her missing relative Vita Clotilde.

After graduating, she learned power and knowledge from Roselia as a full-fledged witch in her home village, and resumed her search for Clotilde.

Although they safely reunite in the Imperial capital and temporarily lay out a plan to work together, even with their witch powers they are unable to prevent the loathsome calamity.

Roselia (voiced by Kaori Mizuhashi)

She is the head of the Hexen Clan of witches, and though she has a childish appearance, her aged way of talking gives away that she is 800 years old.

As they are a part of the same clan, she is like the grandmother of Emma and Vita, though not related by blood, and is a master of black magic.

She shows up in various parts of the Empire in accordance with the activities of the new Class VII and leaves words of advice for Rean, the Divine Knight Awakener who harbors ogre power within him.

When disaster breaks loose in the Imperial capital, she works with the Gralsritter in order to prevent the spread of the curse, and upon revealing her true identity to Rean and the others, she lends them her power as a witch.

Vita Clotilde (voiced by Yukari Tamura)

The Azure Abyss and second Anguis of the Ouroboros society, Vita is a member of the Hexen Clan like Emma.

In order to carry out the society’s Phantasmal Blaze Plan, she took advantage of the Civil War to use the Noble Faction, but the plan was hijacked by Blood and Iron Chancellor Osborne in the final phase, and Vita disappeared from before Rean, Emma, and the others.

After that, Vita distanced herself from the society due to differences of opinion, and resumed activities in various parts of the Empire at the request of Musse, the next in line to become the Duke of Cayenne, who made contact with her as a sponsor.

When disaster breaks loose in the Empire, she joins up with the Weissland Army and disappears again with Aurelia, but…

Elliot Craig (voiced by Ryoko Shiraishi)

The eldest son of the Imperial Army’s most formidable general, “Craig the Red,” and a naturally gifted musician travelling throughout the Empire.

After graduating from Thos Military Acaemy, he went on to a music school in the Imperial capital.

While touring all over the Empire after making his long desired professional debut as a musician, he made use of that limited responsibility to cooperate with the actions of Rean and the new Class VII.

With the proclamation of the National Mobilization Law plus the loathsome curse, the Imperial Army, to which Elliot’s father belongs, becomes a clear enemy of both new and former members of Class VII. Elliot will fight against the Imperial calamity with the power of music.

Machias Regnitz (voiced by Takuya Sato)

An important player in the Imperial government and the son of Carl Regnitz, governor of the Imperial capital Heimdallr, Machias is a smart hard worker at the Judicial Inspection Institute.

After graduating from Thors Military Academy, he studied at the Political Science Institute, then found a job at the Judicial Inspection Institute.

During the shuffle of operations under the pressure of the Imperial government, Machias used his authority as Inspector to lend power to the activities of Rean and the new Class VII.

Although Machias is forced into a desperate situation due to the disaster in the Imperial capital, he takes action as a member of the Judicial Inspection Institute to correct the future course of the Empire.

■ Keywords

Hexen Clan

According to folklore, the Hexen Clan are the sometimes good, sometimes bad witch descendants of a clan from ancient times that inherited the Arc Rouge, one of the Sept-Terrion bestowed upon ancient humans by Aidios.

The witches born to the clan have high spiritual power and “familiars,” and those with particularly high ability can freely use powers such as vision and suggestion.

Their lifespan is the same as that of a regular human, but the leader of the clan, Roselia, has somehow been alive for more than 800 years.


The hidden village of the Hexen Clan, and the place where Emma and Clotilde were born.

It has a mist-covered, fantasy-like atmosphere, and there are nearby facilities where witches perform special rituals.

The village seems to be located southwest of the Empire, but those who do not possess aptitude as a witch will not be able to see that the village is there.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV ~The End of Saga~ will launch for the PlayStation 4 this fall in Japan.

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Nem (on 27 April 2018)

Well... i didn't read any of that because it's likely spoilers. Episode 3 hasn't been localised yet. Hopefully we get an announcement soon.