EA Play 2018 to be Held June 9 to 11

EA Play 2018 to be Held June 9 to 11 - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 22 February 2018 / 1,501 Views

Electronic Arts announced its annual EA Play event will take place from June 9 to 11 at the Hollywood Palladium. 

"The annual three-day event will include more hands-on experiences at the Palladium for players attending the event, while some of the biggest global community creators in the world will be sharing early game footage and live streams directly from the show floor for players viewing from home," read the press release. "We’ll also have a rich online content program via EA.com with breaking news, stories, live content and more to take you deep inside your favorite games.

"What games, you ask? At EA Play 2018, you will have a chance to play our next Battlefield experience, new EA Sports games, and get an inside look at the stunning new action game, Anthem. The Sims 4 and our mobile games will be on hand, and of course, we have a few surprises as well."

Tickets will be available this spring for free. 

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AngryLittleAlchemist (on 22 February 2018)

EA did 9/11

Ganoncrotch (on 23 February 2018)

they hid the weapons in a loot crate to get them onboard the plane.

  • +1
Walbert (on 23 February 2018)

Let me guess their press conference involves 20 minutes of them saying they get it, and how sorry they are they bent everyone over and screwed them.

PhatChips (on 22 February 2018)

So what's the point of this if E3 is during the same month?

tripenfall (on 24 February 2018)

This is part of E3

  • 0
ROCKY223 (on 22 February 2018)

I know those surprises, those are lootboxes announcements Ofcourse. Anthems going to have them, all there sports game will and pretty much every new game they release will so it just going to avoid anything this company will put out now

OTBWY (on 22 February 2018)

Isn't Anthem delayed? Hmmm wonder why.

  • +1
Kbbm824 (on 23 February 2018)

I hope they'll do a presentation, either during this, or E3; that is as much of a hilarious trainwreck as the Payback presentation last year. It's been over 8 months and I'm still laughing ;P