Most Disappointing Game of 2017

Most Disappointing Game of 2017 - Article

by Damián "Wright" Cruz Latorre, posted on 07 January 2018 / 5,263 Views

Whether because they don't live up to their full potential, or there are just too many glaring issues or questionable design decisions that taint the experience, or simply because they fail to meet the expectations placed on them (and, at times, a combination of all three), certain games provide an experience that ranges from terrible to enjoyable but which ultimately results in a pervasive sense of disappointment.

The following are the main games from 2017 that left a bitter taste of letdown in our mouths; they're this site's picks for the most disappointing games of 2017.



The Shortlist:


Star Wars Battlefront II

Sonic Forces

Mass Effect: Andromeda






The 'Winner':


Mass Effect: Andromeda

Despite the warm reception it received back when it was originally unveiled, and the potential of untapped universes that promised to stay away as far as they could from Mass Effect 3’s lackluster mess of a finale, Mass Effect: Andromeda ended up releasing to a myriad of problems. The most infamous of these were some incredibly awkward animations; animations that were so laughably awful they robbed important sequences of their dramatism. There were also several glitches and performance issues that damaged the experience, and the plot itself felt dull and lacking on ambition, despite the new setting. All of this came together to make Mass Effect: Andromeda feel derivative, kind of broken, and of course disappointing.

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Ganoncrotch (on 07 January 2018)

You know what for Yooka-Laylee, they set out to make a classic 3d platformer collectathon and the majority of the complaints it got in reviews were that it was... a classic... old school 3d collectathon. I was still impressed with the final product being anywhere near what was promised in the original Kickstarter videos, in comparison to some of the projects which get funded from there and end up just running themselves into the ground, Yooka was alright and produced a functional game!

Iveyboi (on 07 January 2018)

I really enjoyed Yooka-laylee but the camera and boss fights were unbearable.

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Ka-pi96 (on 07 January 2018)

I actually agree. I was still disappointed by Yooka-Laylee but I was expecting a Mario 64 level game and well they never claimed it would be that. They said what it would be and that's what they made, people may have expected more... but that's hardly the dev's fault.

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Simpleton (on 07 January 2018)

If there's one positive with Andromeda, it'll make people appreciate Mass Effect 3 more.

Ganoncrotch (on 07 January 2018)

aye lol, it's kinda the same way that getting kicked between the legs makes a punch in the chest feel less worse lol.

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tripenfall (on 07 January 2018)

I'm still getting over Star Fox Zero in 2016...

gigaSheik (on 07 January 2018)

ME Andromeda was gr8. It made me laugh alot!

COKTOE (on 07 January 2018)

Regarding Mass Effect: Don't forget not-so-hot writing, and sub-par voice acting.

bubblegamer (on 07 January 2018)

It pains me to say that i agree. Mass Effect was used to be so glorious :(

Miguel_Zorro (on 07 January 2018)

I was torn on this one. People thought ME:A would be a GOTY contender so it definitely contends as a disappointment. On the other hand, from the first trailers, I was very excited for Star Wars Battlefront 2, only for the release to be what it what. Two big disappointments on the year for me.

Azzanation (on 07 January 2018)

Yooka-Laylee isn't a bad game or a disappointment. The industry has just moved past games like that (Unless its Mario) Old school gamers get what its about. Its probably why there hasn't been a Banjo Threeie. That genre is king of dead these days. As for Mass Effect 4, I do feel sorry for the franchise after it was considered one of the best last gen.

Nuvendil (on 07 January 2018)

Honestly, Battlefront 2 was a close contender for this. It had so much promise. This should have been the easiest win ever, EA had one freaking job. And they screwed it up.

deskpro2k3 (on 07 January 2018)

I had such high hopes for Mass Effect: Andromeda.

ROCKY223 (on 07 January 2018)

I wasnt disappointed with this game at all.Firstly i didnt buy it but i did play it after my friend beat it and it sucks.Secondly, i wasnt hyped for it at all since me3 completed the trilogy n it didnt need to be continued or should ve had a spin off.Bioware killed it in favour of anthem which looks absolutely boring.It only has graphics which will be downgraded to no end.Overall, bioware is done for and mass effect as well.Im waiting for cyberpunk now to become the next mass effect

RolStoppable (on 07 January 2018)

Gran Turismo Sport got robbed.

Errorist76 (on 07 January 2018)

The game sizes better than ever and you still haven’t played it.

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RolStoppable (on 07 January 2018)

I haven't played Mass Effect Andromeda either, but I'd like to think that people have higher expectations for Polyphony than any EA studio. Disappointment has a strong correlation with expectations.

My personal pick for the most disappointing game of 2017 is Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.

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caffeinade (on 07 January 2018)

Fire Emblem: Echoes: Shadows of Valentia wasn't a disappointment though.

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Errorist76 (on 08 January 2018)

GTS wasn't either, especially not after all the updates. F7 though...

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SecondWar (on 07 January 2018)

Clarly I'm outvoted by ME: A was better that people give it credit for. Battlefront 2 would be my pick.

Sordel (on 07 January 2018)

Depends on how high your hopes are to begin with. Expectations were high for both games but Mass Effect fans were shattered by Andromeda whereas Star Wars fans already had their spirits dampened by the first Battlefront game.

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Ganoncrotch (on 07 January 2018)

Aye agree here with Sordel, Battlefront was utter rubbish, but it was made as an apology from EA about how bad their last game was in terms of content, did anyone expect a sincere apology from EA?

Andromeda could have returned Mass Effect to the glory it was for RPG fans last gen, instead it because a MEME generator from some of the main characters facial animations and some of the bugs/glitches were just hilarious. It could have been amazing, but I mean there is even evidence out there that they deliberately made the female protagonist character look more "ugly" than the mo-cap actor they used for her.

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